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I woke up with a sheet covering my birthday suit, as I looked out the open window. We had the perfect view of the Eiffel Tower. I just sighed softly and hugged my pillow. The reception was amazing, exciting and full of surprises.
My friend Maria from the states caught the bouquet. Hyuk Woo (Loco) caught the garter belt, which paired them up to be the next couple to be married. Jay had even proposed to Je'Naye, which was the best wedding gift he could ever give us.
Simon was true to his word as well, he got me out of my dress before we even got on the plan to France. I had a doctors appointment a couple days before my wedding. So I wouldn't have to do an appointment while on my honeymoon.
I had gotten an email though when we landed in France, with some shocking news. I was waiting for a good time to break this news to Simon. Since he was my husband now, and it did effect him. I got up, and wrapped the sheet around me.
Simon wasn't in the bedroom, and I could smell something yummy. I walked out to the open concept living room and kitchen. We were staying in my sister's home in Paris. "Hey sleepy heard, ready for a first class breakfast?" He had cooked eggs with veggies.
"Is it safe to eat?" He glared at me, whilst I giggled. I felt light headed as I got closer to the food. My glass of wine that I didn't touch was still on the counter. The food smell mix with the smell of the wine was making my stomach flip. "Hey you okay?"
I cover my mouth in ran to the bathroom in seconds. Simon came after me, while I held my hair back and threw up. "Lavi? You okay? Do I need to call a doctor?" When I manage to stop, I wash my mouth, after flushing the toilet.
"No doctor needed, I know what wrong with me." Simon's eyebrows bunched up, as I took him back to the kitchen. "Haven't you noticed I never touched any alcohol related drinks?" I pointed to the full glass of wine.
I gave Simon a moment, as he slowly put two and two together. "Wait! You're pregnant?!" He looked at me shocked as I held up a peace sign. He just stared at my hand confused. "I've been pregnant since April. So a good two month."
Simon's eyes widen as he pulled me into his arms and spin me around. "Fuck yes! When did you find out?" I kissed his lips, after he put me back down. "When we land in France. I got an email stating that I was 2 months pregnant. Luckily I barely drank so stopping won't effect the the baby much."
Simon was rubbing my cheeks with his thumbs, before brushing his lips against mine. "We will do everything we can, to make sure this baby comes into this world healthy. I don't care if its a boy or girl, I'll love it as much as I love you."
I smiled as I snuggled up to him. "I hope its a girl." He chuckled and petted my head. "I actually want it to be a boy. So we can name him after your baby brother." I looked up at Simon and was rewarded with a warm loving smile. "Nado Saranghaeyo, Kiseok oppa."
He gave me another kiss before petting my head. We were going to be starting a new family, right after getting married. I couldn't wait to tell everyone else, once we return to Korea. Until then, we were going to enjoy our honeymoon. For goodness sakes, we were in Paris. There was no way we weren't going to live it up. At the very least comfortably.
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I love it I really appreciate you for doing this you worked so hard on this I also wanted to say that I love the good and the bad in this story it was perfect I love you so much and I am happy to be a part of your life and the aomg family you deserve an award for your talented writing
love it! great ending sad it over😢
this was such an amazing work. you brought out so many feels. please tag me in any future stories you will have
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What a great finale! 👏👏👏
nice ending....good job.
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