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Major Spoilers plus rant...
You have been warned....
Last Chance...
So I started this as a "why not?" , not realizing it was only 4 episodes long. The description, or lack of, made it seem like something the kids could watch without problems... The story of Kanojo and Her Cat, Daru. The episodes are only 7 minutes long, so it goes quick. The kids loved the first 3 shows & I thought it was a good series as well. The struggle of a girl growing up and transitioning from college to adult life, told from her cat's point of view. Episode 4 begins with the cat sounding like an old man on his last legs, and after a cute reconciliation between Mom & Kanojo. The cat dies.... IT JUST FU&@ING DIES.... WHAT THE HELL??? My kids were like "Daddy, what happened to the kitty?" "Is the kitty still sleeping?" (it's a year later in the show). And I'm over here like " WTF? Seriously, they just killed the fu@$ing cat off and ended the show?????" Holy crap!! My honest opinion of this series... IT SUCKS!!!! They just up and killed of the freaking kitty for no reason... FVCK. this....
Sadly, that's what happens to animals :( :( but I just lost a pet recently so I won't be watching this anytime soon & am happy I read your spoilers lol XD
I must say I enjoyed this one. I felt like it showed you all the joys and the heartache that come with owning and loving an animal. I lost my cat around the same time I saw this show so the ending hit me good
SAME!! I heard it was sad from some people, so i decided to watch it and judge it myself but tbh i was actually mad at the end! Like, how is the cat just gonna die like that!?