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BTS (Taehyung Part 1)

안녕하세요 (hello) and welcome (back), and I'm sorry that I took so long with this one.
Here is some of the other fanfiction parts:
(Y/n)’s POV:
*Three months earlier*
"This is a great party!” I screamed over the music to Angel, my best friend and my current manager. “Only the best for the birthday girl!” She screamed with a slur from the large amount of liquor she consumed in the past couple of hours. “I was supposed to get drunk tonight not you,” I screamed teasingly back at her. She smiled and someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around to see Namjoon standing there with a huge smile on his face. “Hey, birthday girl!” we hugged and he handed me the gift he had in my hand. “Awww, you didn’t have to, but thank you!” “You’re welcome. This is one of the guys in my group. Taehyung. Taehyung, this is (Y/n).” He pointed to his friend that was standing a little behind him. He smiled shyly at me. “I remember you. Yeah, you’re the cool one,” I relied teasing a little. He seemed happy that, but Namjoon was a bit offended. “Hey, I’m cool too.” “Really, says the one who hasn’t introduced one of the hotter guys of your group to me,” “Okay, that’s enough. You’re just going to give the guy a big head,” Namjoon retorted knowing that he had not brought me one present, but two.
“Well, Guys I have to get Angel home. It was nice meeting you, Taehyung,” I announced taking my leave and Angel with me. As soon as I walked outside of the club I called a cab serves. “Hey,” Angel said in a slur. “That guy was really cute. You should go get his number or something.” “Oh, no. I’m not leaving you here to go get some guys number. Besides he wouldn’t want mine anyways…” I paused and was about to say something else, but was interrupted by someone behind me. “I’m sure anyone that just has the chance of meeting you would be blessed for life,” I turned to see Taehyung standing at the door of the club. “Oh, really. I don’t believe you,” I declared teasingly. “Well, I don’t believe I can pick up a girl that is a 10, but I’m about to give it my best try. So, here’s… my number… call me anytime,” he does this silly dance move at each pause. I couldn’t help, but to laugh at his fun attitude. “Well, thank you. I just have to say…” I began as I took the piece paper he had his number on from him. “I think you failed at finding a 10 to pick up, but I made my goal for the night…” “And what was that?”
“To find a 10 and get his number by the end of the night,” I replied as I looked into him mesmerizing eyes. The cab pulled up next to us and pulled me out of the trance that I was in. I waved good bye to him as I helped Angel get in the taxi.
*the next morning*
“Oh, so you did get is number. You’re going to call him, right?” Angel, more or less, demanded. “I don’t know. He seems cool, sweet, charming, and basically everything I could ask for in a guy, but…” “But? There’s no but! You are just nervous. Just text the guy at least,” She continued to hound me. “I just don’t want to disappoint him. I might not be the girl he’s looking for and what if I get disappointed because I put him on a pedestal too quickly.” I kept rambling on trying to distract her from the subject, so I wouldn’t have to call him or even text him. I just wanted to save him the disappointment.
Tae’s POV:
Every time my phone went off my heart jumped to excitement, but then fall back to disappointment when I realize it wasn’t her. Texting me back or even calling me. I sighed. I couldn’t focus on anything that the group was doing. All I could think about is her. During dance practice, vocal exercises, and music recordings. “Hey, Tae?” Namjoon was right behind me and made me jump when he called me to his attention. “Why are you so out of it today?” Namjoon kind of scolded me as I looked down at my feet for a second to avoid his eye contact. “Look, I just…” I sighed trying to find the right words to say “I gave (Y/n) my number last night and she hasn’t called or texted,” I replied finally. Namjoon smiled like he knew more than I did. Well, that makes sense because they are good friends. “Let’s talk, okay.” We sat down on the bench next to the mirrors.
“Look, I’ve known (Y/n) for a long time to understand something about her. She gives off a lot of confidence, but… she has more nerves than anyone I know. The more she puts on a show the more nerves she has… so if she doesn’t call you for a couple weeks… well, that means that she might really like you. I have never seen her act the way she did last night with anyone else. So, don’t give up just yet, for your sake and her sake.” Namjoon smiled as he patted me on the back and got up to get to the showers before we go back to the dorms. “Namjoon?” I asked suddenly getting a bright idea. “Yeah?” “Do you have her managers number by any chance?” I could feel a smile break out on my face as go through my plan in my head and I knew that it was the greatest plan ever. It starts with one phone call, but the ending will uncertain until I try it out.
(What is Tae's plan of win (Y/n) heart? Is (Y/n) ever going to call Tae? Find out in part 2.)
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