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Looks like the boys are making a another stepping stone. The top edge the charts to being the most valued boy group within the KICR (Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation) With them being on the top Seventeen came in second and big Bang coming in third. Other boys groups also made with the chart. The following groups in order of ranking within the chart INFINITE VIXX B2ST BTOB EXO SHINee Block B MONSTA X ZE:A Sechskies Super Junior F.T. Island 2PM B1A4 2AM TVXQ B.A.P WINNER JYJ TEEN TOP Shinhwa
Here is the chart from Allkpop. The chart is hard to read however this shows us in how the reputation these boys have. Though this chart is only from July to August. article from allkpop.
Im SO proud!!! 😄😄😄😄
Wow....I thought bap was more popular. Go BTS though! Damn, beating out BigBang is a big deal
Wait BTS, seventeen and Bigbang are top 3, haha those are my top 3 groups😂 yay
I'm proud of my boys!!! BTS have grown so much and I'm also very proud of my first and most favorite group, VIXX, for being in fifth!!😋