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This beautiful boy is such an extravagant piece of artwork. Every detail that's engraved on his face is admirable. I don't know where I would be without this boy. He is such a sweetheart and cares so much about his fans.
He wouldn't let army waste sleep on him. Jimin wanted to make sure army was healthy and energized for the next morning when they wake up. That to me is the most beautiful moment in life. The fact that Jimin could've stayed up for a longer period of time (as a bunch of American idols would probably have done TBH) but instead thought of his fans and decided that sleep was more important.
Although I would have gladly stayed up to watch my lil fluff ball he ended the broadcast very nicely. Jimin is so considerate it makes my heart melt. I could go on for hours about how powerful my love is for him but I'm sure you all get the point of it ha!
Please send love to my baby. He's so precious and I love him so much. He deserves the world. Also please take care of yourselves! Eat lots and smile even more! Have a good nights rest, Armys. πŸ’—β˜ΊοΈ