Jin: You’d surprise him and make him jump a bit because he wasn’t expecting you to come in with him. “What are you doing here babe?” he’d ask smiling at you. “I need to shower too…plus I was missing you too much.” you’d say with a blush. He’d smile and pull you close, “Aww you’re so cute princess come for some kisses.” he’d say before showering your face with kisses.
Suga: He’d back you up to the wall, his face would be inches from yours as he said, “You know you’re not going to be just showering in here right?”
Rap Monster: You’d get into the shower and stand under the water in front of him washing yourself seductively. He would look at you with lust for a while enjoying your little show before he wouldn’t be able to handle it anymore and just push you up against the wall and take you right there.
J -Hope: He’d agree to you coming in with him so that you could both get ready quicker but once you were both naked in the shower he couldn’t keep his eyes off of your naked, wet body.
Jimin: You’d slip into the shower and ask, “Can I shower with you baby?” He would nod and a blush would instantly cover his face as he tried not to look at your naked self for too long because he knew he would get hard.
V: He would have begged you to shower with him and you had declined making him pout and go to shower alone sadly. This would make you feel bad and you would eventually slip into the shower with him surprising him. He would start to giggle like crazy and hug you tightly saying “I love you so much princess.”
Jungkook: He would have now came back from an exhausting day at rehearsals and would have lazily trudged to the shower before bed. You would strip and decide to shower with him, helping him wash himself. He would smile lovingly at you before pecking your lips.
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When I got the notification I thought u meant falling in the shower... well anyway, I like RM and Suga's the most
well hot damn Yoongi and OK Joon I got yoh
Not sure which one I like best lol