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Regardless of the pouring rain outside, Korean actors Lee Byung-hun and Rhee Min-jung were no doubt in high spirits on the day of their grand wedding ceremony. Lee could not wipe his broad smile off his face, while Rhee was glowing with beauty just like every other groom and bride in the world. TenAsia met the newly-born couple at the press event before they walk down the aisle at a hotel in Seoul, Korea Saturday evening. This is what they had to say about the second chapter of their lives together and their firm wills to continue to pursue their lives as actors. Q. Please give your first impression on the wedding day. Lee Byung-hun: First of all, thank you all so much for coming here in this humid and rainy weather. Well, I still can’t believe that we are actually getting married. We are going to basically focus on living a happy life. This is the second chapter of our lives and I hope that we can appreciate even its smallest parts. Like I have always tried to live to the fullest in my profession, I will continue to do so in my personal life. Q. You have been married in dramas and films before. How do you feel about getting married in your real life? Rhee Min-jung: I feel like I’m attending the press event for my new TV series right now. I think it will actually hit me when the honeymoon is over and I move in to live with Byung-hun. I heard that if it rains on your wedding day, you will live a good life. So since it was thundering all morning, I think we could live very happily. (laughs) Q: Have you talked about the size of your family? Lee: No, we haven’t talked about kids yet. But whatever the number will be, I’ll be grateful to have them. Q: Who will be in charge of the cost of living? Lee: I know it sounds doubtful but we haven’t talk about it yet. I think we will take care of each of our income individually. But I’m really bad at that stuff so I think I’ll ask Min-jung for advice and ask her to help me out. Q: As being the two top stars in Korea, what kind of husband and wife do you want to be? Lee: I’ve come to think about it before and shared my thoughts with Min-jung. The fact that everyone knows about us is something to be thankful for but there could be down sides and troubles with it. We have went through both big joys and sorrows in our separate lives, and we promised to find our own happiness together in the smallest things. We may have lived a life familiar to big stuff but insensitive to little joy that life gives us, so we want to be people who are satisfied with small things. Q. Tell us about how you picked Rhee’s wedding dress together. Lee: She insisted that a wedding dress should be chosen by the bride alone and shown to the groom for the first time on the day of wedding, which made the groom fall in love with his fiancee again. But when Min-jung went to pick up her wedding dress, she took pictures of herself in a wedding dress and sent me all those photos. I didn’t say much, I just told her that it’s pretty. (laughs) Q: Tell us about how Lee Byung-hun popped the question. Rhee: Byung-hun showed me a video that he starred in and produced in the movie theater. I’m a quick thinker so when he told me in the middle of the movie that he had to go to the bathroom, I sort of knew that he was up to something. But after I watched the video, I cried until my eyes were all swollen. Q: After you get married, will you live with your parents? Lee: My mom lives alone far from Seoul so Min-jung agreed to live with her, which I thank her so much for. On the other hand, Min-jung’s parents live right in the center of Seoul so whenever there is free time between my filming sessions, I’ll stop by. Rhee: (With a nod of approval) I’ll allow that. (laughs) Q: What will your next move as actors? If both of you are cast in the same project, will you take it on? Lee: As I said, our lives as actors will be the same. If I come across a new project, I will put my head into the character as always and so will Min-jung. And, I can’t really imagine us being in the same project together. (Laughs) Rhee: He is saying that because he draws a distinctive line between his personal stuff and professional work. If there is a new project, I always talked about it with my friends, family members and my agency. But now I’ll be likely to talk about it with my husband first hand. Q: Who will be singing for your wedding? Lee: Singer Lena Park will be singing at our wedding and singer Kim Bum-soo will also be singing a song, both of which are meaningful to me and Min-jung. Hip-hop group and Min-jung’s friends Dynamic Duo will also be singing for the finale. Q: Is there something you want to say before the ceremony? Rhee: Today is such a good day but I think what comes next is more important. I will try to set a good example both as a wife and as an actress. Lee: Thank you for visiting and showing your support for our marriage. I will also do my best to be a responsible head of household and an actor. I also want to thank the fans for coming to our wedding and I will do my best not to disappoint them. Reporter. Eun Ah Lee Photographer. Gue Hye Jung Editor. Lee Hye Ji
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