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Chapter 19 is here! Sorry to leave you on a cliffhanger, but hey, I gotta have some fun. I hope you enjoy this chapter!!! Thank you to everyone reading, liking, clipping, following, and/or commenting.
Disclaimer: Many of the characters aside from BTS are made up. And, of course, I don't know BTS personally so their personalities are probably mostly fictional.
Character thoughts are in { } and words in English are bolded. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in future chapters. Please forgive me for any mistakes I make and I hope you enjoy!
Beginning: Chapter 1
Previous: Chapter 18
Word Count: 3211
Warning: May contain mild language
Narrator POV
Is Rose home?” Namjoon asked.
Uhh...yeah...did you need her for something?” Nina was trying to think of a way to get them to leave.
We need to talk to her.” Namjoon had a strange look on his face.
Um, about what? Last I checked, she was sleeping.” Namjoon’s face showed confliction. He was arguing with himself whether waking Rose up was worth confirming his suspicions. For all he knew, though, Nina could be lying to cover for her.
It’s important.” Namjoon finally said. Behind him, the boys were saying that maybe they should just talk to her next time. None of them knew about Namjoon’s suspicions. He hushed them. Nina sighed as she let them in. She decided that she would just have them wait downstairs and she would wake the two up and warn them. She brought out the guest slippers and instructed them to wait in the living room.
Nina stopped at the top of the stairs to make sure they were staying put. They were, so she went to Rose’s study. She opened the door and found them in the same position. She smiled. Rose wasn’t having a nightmare and she could swear that they were just a tiny bit closer. She remembered the boys downstairs and quickly made her way to Rose. They had left the lights on while watching their movie so she was able to avoid tripping on anything unlike usual when Nina came to wake Rose up. She kneeled on an open area of the couch and shook Rose’s knee.
Wake up.” No response. “Rose, wake up. Seriously. Get the hell up.” Rose stirred and turned to Nina, barely opening her eyes.
What’s the emergency?” Rose’s voice was raspy with sleep, a sound Nina wasn’t used to.
Those BTS guys are downstairs.” When Rose just stared blankly, Nina knew she wasn’t completely awake. If she was, she would be totally freaking out.
“So noisy...” Yoongi said as he stirred lightly. At the sound of his voice, Rose blinked and her head turned back to his direction. After a second, her eyes widened and tried to move away. She ended up bumping into Nina who was still kneeling on the couch. Rose’s head cleared and she took in what Nina had just told her. Nina could see that Rose was about to panic.
Rose turned to Yoongi and started shaking his shoulders, not very gently. “Yoongi, wake up. The guys are downstairs. You have to wake up.” Yoongi grabbed Rose’s hand that was on his shoulder and held it in place as he sighed. Rose pulled her hand out of his grasp and jabbed him in the side. He let out a groan and opened his eyes to glare. When he realized who it was, he became embarrassed and shifted upright on the cushion.
“Don’t worry about it, we have bigger problems.”
“Like?” Yoongi’s voice was husky from sleep and Rose felt her stomach do a flip.
“Like your bandmates waiting to talk to me downstairs.” Rose informed him. Yoongi’s attention turned to her. His eyes widened as her focused on something behind her.
“Oh shit,” he muttered. Rose and Nina followed his gaze to find the boys waiting in the doorway.
“Oh shit is right. We need to have a talk. Both of you.” Namjoon looked pissed. The other boys were wide-eyed in surprise, except Hoseok who wasn’t in the doorway. Rose and Yoongi quickly scrambled to their feet and Nina stepped up to Namjoon. Nina was angry that Namjoon hadn’t listened to her.
Before she could say anything, Namjoon said, “I’m sorry for not listening, but this is exactly what I was afraid of. We had to see it for ourselves. And not to be rude, but this is a work problem, not a personal problem. That’s why I couldn’t let you guys hide it. I’m sorry.” He bowed at Nina apologetically. She sighed and stepped out of the doorway to let Yoongi and Rose past. The boys parted as the two passed, their faces still showing their surprise and a hint of betrayal. Jin looked disappointed. He never expected Yoongi to lie and sneak behind everyone’s back. As they went down the hall, they saw Hoseok waiting at the end, looking at the ground. He raised his head as Yoongi passed, Yoongi could see the sadness and a different disappointment than Jin.
Yoongi immediately felt guilty. {It’s not like I’m taking his girlfriend. But he does like her, and even though there’s nothing going on between us (yet, hopefully)...Why does it feel like I betrayed him? All of them. I know I kept it a secret...but I didn’t expect this to happen. I thought I could just be around her without the others taking all of her attention. They have so much more that they can do that they can have her join: games, video games, joking, playing together. I don’t have anything other than my music. And that’s not something I can share or that she’d even be interested in...}
Namjoon gestured for them to sit down on the couch facing the kitchen. Jimin, Hoseok, and Jungkook sat on the other couch, Jimin being the closest and Hoseok being the farthest and still refusing to make eye contact. Hoseok didn’t trust himself to not make how he felt obvious. He just hoped that the other guys took it as the same disappointment the other guys were feeling. Jin, Namjoon, and Taehyung grabbed chairs from the kitchen and set them up facing Rose and Yoongi. Nina was the last to join as she sat next to Rose.
Nina—“ Namjoon started. Nina cut him off.
Don’t ask me to leave. I know that it has to do with your work, your band, but Rose is my friend and I think I can see things from the most objective perspective here. I just want to make sure she doesn’t get bulldozed 6 versus 2. Ok?”
Namjoon nodded his head in ascension and sighed. “Well, let me just start by saying that this isn’t about you two dating—“
“We’re not.” Rose quickly cut it. Yoongi winced at the speed and force of her reply. {Of course she wouldn’t want Namjoon to misunderstand, he’s the one she likes after all}.
“Huh?” They boys said simultaneously. Even Hoseok looked up.
“We’re not dating.” Namjoon opened his mouth the say something but Rose quickly spoke up again. “Before you say anything. We’re really not. This isn’t at all like it seems like.”
“It’s true,” Nina added. Her words sunk in and the boys sighed. Nina could swear a couple of those sighs were sighs of relief.
Namjoon ran his fingers through his hair. He felt relieved already, but he had to finish what he started or the other guys would think it was about something else. “Okay. Well, like I said, it’s not about that anyway. It’s about Yoongi lying to us and Rose helping him do that.”
“It’s not like that. It’s my fault.” All eyes turned to Yoongi. “I asked her to let me sleep here as a favor. I guilt-tripped her into letting me keep coming over.”
“No he didn’t.” Rose spoke up. “He asked and I made the decision to let him. I would have done the same if any of you guys were in the same position. He only came here to sleep. He works all odd hours after you guys go to bed and gets woken up when you guys start messing around. And he’s tries to not be the kill joy, so instead of asking all of you to not have fun, he just asked for a spare bed. That’s all.”
“So this has been going on since the first time you disappeared, right?” Namjoon directed at Yoongi. “When we couldn’t find you. And we called you.” The last sentence he directed at Rose. She avoided eye contact with him. “And you said you had no idea where he was.”
“No I didn’t.” Rose said quickly. “I said he texted me and I would get a hold of him.”
“So you specifically answered to keep yourself from lying while really just deceiving us? That’s the same. Lying by the words you say or the ones you don’t.”
Rose looked down ashamed and Yoongi touched her knee reassuringly before returning his hands to his lap. {I’m the one at fault here, not her. He shouldn’t be talking to her like this}. Yoongi tried to control his anger as he replied. “I asked her not to tell. So it’s my fault. I didn’t mean to put her in a situation where she would have to choose between lying to you or breaking her word. She chose the best choice possible given the options I left her with. All of this is my fault. You should be talking to me. And either way, you shouldn’t be talking to her like this, she’s not a child. She’s older than you and you’re talking to her like this. I don’t care if you’re the leader, you shouldn’t be talking to her like this. Either of us. You didn’t even give us a chance to say what happened before you just started accusing us and calling us liars.” The other boys were shifting uncomfortably at the tension. Yoongi’s grip on his anger was very close to waning when Jin spoke up.
“This isn’t about age. And he is the leader, so he’s the best person to speak up. We’ve been worried about you for the last few weeks. You wouldn’t tell us where you were going, you were being secretive. What were we supposed to think was going on? And even if it’s not what it really does look like, what if someone saw? What if a random fan walked by and saw you go into her house by yourself? Or worse, what if one of her neighbors recognized you and saw you going into her house every Saturday morning and leaving late at night? Do you have any idea what would happen then? To you? To BTS? To Rose-noona? It could create a huge scandal. And I bet you never thought about it.” Yoongi’s anger died down as he let Jin’s level-headed reasoning sink in.
Rose met Jin’s eyes, her tears threatening to spill. “I’m sorry. I didn’t think about the problems it would cause. I could never forgive myself if something bad happened.” Hoseok got up, his disappointment tempered with Rose’s earlier words. He couldn’t stand that she was about to cry. He had to be happy Hobie for her. He kneeled in front of her and grabbed her face, squishing her cheeks together like a fish.
“It’s okay. Don’t cry. Nothing happened. That’s the most important part.” His lips were spread into a wide smile, trying to cheer her up. She laughed and the tears spilled over.
Taehyung jumped up and laid across Hoseok’s back toward Rose, almost like a piggy-back. “Look what you did hyung,” he directed at Hoseok. “You made her cry.” Rose laughed again and pulled her face away from Hoseok’s hands.
“No, it’s okay. I just get all teary when I get upset. It wasn’t anything anyone said, I just thought about what I would do if I had caused trouble for you guys. I’m sorry.” Taehyung brushed away her tears on one side while Hoseok did the same on the other. She swatted at their hands playfully. “Stop it. I have hands.” She laughed and everyone joined, even Namjoon and Yoongi. The tension was broken. After things started to calm, Yoongi and Rose explained exactly what was happening, aside from their own secrets of course.
Namjoon decided to wrap everything up. “Okay. I guess we’ve got everything figured out. I didn’t mean to start stuff off the way I did, I wasn’t thinking very calmly.”
“So, now what?” Jungkook finally spoke up.
“I think—Yoongi—you said about dinner—you would buy, yes?” Nina answered.
“What? That was just if it was us, I’m not gonna—“
“Yeah! Hyung is buying dinner,” Jimin jumped up excitedly. Taehyung and Jungkook joined him as they clasped their hands together above their heads and started dancing. Yoongi sighed and let his head fall back on the couch.
“Don’t worry, I’ll get it,” Rose said nudging Yoongi.
“No. No, it’s fine, I’ll buy. They do stuff like this all the time, tricking me into buying them stuff. I don’t mind.” Yoongi smiled at her and Rose smiled back. Namjoon watched the exchange and sighed. Hoseok, who was originally watching the dancing boys saw Namjoon’s reaction and looked to see Yoongi and Rose smiling at each other. Nina watched everything with a smirk on her face. {Now, I have a better idea of this messy little love, whatever it is, where every point is directed at Rose}. She smiled as she looked around and her gaze locked with Jin, who had been watching her for the last minute. Jin smiled shyly at her and Nina returned the same. {Why am I shy? He’s just another guy, like all the others}. Her smile dropped at the last thought as she turned back to survey everyone else. Jin felt disappointed and turned back to watch the boys who were still dancing and yelling.
“Okay!” Yoongi yelled over them. “What are we getting?”
An hour later, 20 minutes of which was fighting over where to eat, the food arrived and the boys immediately started stuffing their faces. The playfulness and laughter felt like a welcome change after the events earlier. Jin kept sneaking glances at Nina and Nina tried to avoid looking at him, though she couldn’t help herself from looking out of the corner of her eye. Rose saw this periodically and couldn’t help but feel happy for her friend. {Nina’s actually attracted to a guy who not only feels the same, but is actually a nice guy}.
Namjoon noticed her odd smirk and asked her quietly in her ear, “What’re you looking at? You’re grinning like a kid on Christmas Day.”
Rose used her head to gesture towards Jin then towards Nina. “This whole time, Jin keeps looking at her and Nina’s pretending to be not interested, but she keeps looking at him out of the corner of her eye.” Namjoon watched the two and Rose looked at him waiting for him to see it. His eyes widened.
“Oh. They really are.” Namjoon and Rose laughed quietly together and Yoongi, who glanced at Rose, started feeling jealous. Hoseok noticed and was about to draw their attention in order to keep Yoongi from getting mad, but Taehyung beat him to it. Taehyung, who was sitting on the other side of Rose from Namjoon, put his chin on her shoulder and pouted.
“Keeping secrets?” He asked. Rose started to turn towards him but stopped when she faced forward. “Can’t even look at me, huh?”
“Taehyungie, if I looked at you, it would be the second time you’ve kissed me. I’m good with not doing that again. Taehyung pulled back, his cheeks flushed.
“Sorry. Didn’t mean to do that,” he mumbled. Rose chuckled and Jimin pulled Taehyung into a loose headlock.
“What do you think you’re doing to my noona? You’ve defiled her once already.” Jimin teased.
He-he kissed you?!” Nina was staring at them with wide eyes.
Oh shit, I forgot to tell you about that day.”
You forgot to tell me when you got your first kiss?!” Nina exclaimed.
The boys were quiet until Namjoon asked, “Your first kiss? That was your first kiss? You’ve never been kissed before?”
That was NOT my first kiss.” Rose paused and Nina looked at her confused.
But...I thought...” Nina trailed off trying to rack her brain. She could swear that Rose had told her she’d never been kissed before.
It didn’t count ‘cause it wasn’t on the lips.”
Oh, a cheek kiss? Yeah...I guess that doesn’t count.” Nina waved her hands dismissively. Jimin smirked. Jungkook put his hand on Jimin’s knee warningly, but Jimin ignored him.
Not cheek,” Jimin stated. {This little}—Jin thought.
Not cheek?” Nina’s eyes got big. “Then where?” Jimin didn’t say anything, instead he put his finger on his neck.
What?! He kissed you on the neck?! But I thought you liked—“ Rose lunged at Nina and covered Nina’s mouth firmly with her hand.
Shut up,” Rose whispered threateningly in her ear.
“You like someone?” Jungkook asked innocently. “Is it someone here?” After their discussion the first time Rose came to the dorm, Jungkook had been trying to watch out for who she might like.
“Maybe, maybe not,” Rose answered. “I do know other people though, just so you know.”
After a few moments of awkward silence, Nina spoke up. She was the one to accidently bring conversation, so she felt it was only fair that she steer it away from that topic. “So, I’m guessing there’s a story behind the incident?” Namjoon explained what had happened.
Well, that explains it. Sounds like an experience.” Nina winked at Rose who made a face back. “So, Rose said—amusement park? Tomorrow? Yes?”
“Um—yeah, we’re going to the first day opening of ‘F’ Park. They only allow celebrities and their guests the first day, so we can have a chance to have fun without being mobbed.” Hoseok spoke slowly so Nina could understand.
“Ahhh. Sounds fun. You take care of Rose, right?”
“Of course,” Taehyung said attaching himself to Rose again.
“Not you,” Nina said playfully glaring at Taehyung. He grabbed at his chest feigning he was hurt. Everyone laughed at them. Rose and Nina started gathering the garbage to clean up.
“We’ll get our own, don’t worry,” Namjoon said, indicating for the other boys to pick up their bowls. After everything was cleaned up, everyone went back to the living room.
“We should probably get back. Thank you for hosting us. Even know.”
“Don’t worry Namjoon, I know it was done with good intentions.” Rose reassured Namjoon. {No it wasn’t}, Namjoon thought. {It was just selfishness and petty jealousy disguised as good intentions. I guess I’m not a completely good person...}
“So you’re coming tomorrow, right noona?” Hoseok asked smiling.
“Of course.”
Namjoon spoke up, “You should too, Nina-sshi. If you’re not busy, I mean. It’s an open invitation.” Jin perked up.
Nina looked as Rose then back to Namjoon. Her eyes flitted towards Jin’s direction for just a second. “Sure, yeah. If that’s okay, I don’t have anything planned. I haven’t been to one in forever,” she replied, trying to hide her excitement.
Awesome! Given our vehicle situation, it might be best if we meet you there, if that’s okay?
Yeah, sounds great.”
Alright. I already texted Rose the details. So we’ll see you tomorrow.” As everyone left, both of the girls received hugs from the younger boys and waves from the older boys. After watching the boys leave, Rose closed the door and turned to Nina.
Well, that went better than I was afraid it would.” Rose sighed, relieved.
Except that you know I’m gonna have to tease you non-stop about your earlier sleeping buddy and the kiss you hid from me.” Rose groaned and walked away from the door. “You can never escape!!!
So there's the chapter. Not too cliffhangery (Yes, I speak English...mostly). We also appear to have a new romance brewing...wonder how that'll work out ;) You excited for the amusement park? Have fun with that... (hehehe)
Thank you to everyone who is reading, liking, following, clipping, and/or commenting on my story. Please don't hesitate to ask questions or comment. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in future chapters. I hope you will continue to enjoy my story and I hope to see you next chapter!!!
Side note, I'm considering starting writing a new story. I have the basic idea in my head, but it will of course take time to write. I'm planning to have maybe a Hoseok, Taehyung, OC triangle, but I'm willing to change it up a bit. PM me if you have any suggestions on it since I haven't started it. Or to let me know if that sounds like a bad idea. Don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings. Thanks <3
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