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Hello and welcome! :D Before we begin, I would like to say a few things. I want to give a shoutout to one of my readers, @FromBlue2U, and my editor @KpopBeat. These two individuals have helped shape this chapter by motivating to add a little extra.... umph. :3 And by motivation, I mean..... well, you'll see. ;) SO! Season 2 premiere, in case you're barely coming in and want to know the background story. But if you only missed a chapter or two, I gotchu! ;D > Episode 1 -> Episode 2 --> Episode 3 ---> Episode 4 ----> Episode 5 -----> Episode 6


No like really.

I'm warning you. Please enjoy! :D *bows*
Chapter 7~ Morning had come and yet the internet was still up in flames over the unfulfilled answers if yours and Ji-Yong's dating rumor. With Ji-Yong's phone blowing up with notifications and messages getting refreshed every 10 minutes, you knew the fire was far from extinguishing. You pry your eyes open to glance at him, noticing his head face down with the pillow on top of his head, effortlessly trying to mute out the sounds from his phone. You grin and reach over to lift the corner of the pillow to peek at him. His hair stuck to his forehead, bending and twisting in different directions from tossing around at night to get comfortable. He greets your eyes with his own and smiles. "Don't tell them I'm here, okay?" You turn away, "hey guys! I found G-Dragon's hiding spot!" You yell over your shoulder with a giggle towards the end. "Yaah!" He grabs you quickly and pulls you into his arms with a tight hold, laughing playfully in your ear. "No one come near! I have a flower in my arms and I'm not afraid to blind you with her beauty!" You giggle, feeling yourself getting pulled on top of him. You sit on his lap and stare down at Ji-Yong, your hands resting on his bare chest underneath Ji-Yong's gentle hands. "You're so silly," you beam. He laughs, flashing his row of pearly white teeth at you, "it's honestly all because of you. I no longer feel the pressure to act happy, I don't feel so alone anymore, as if you've done nothing but erases my stress away when you captured my heart." You roll your eyes with a smile still on your lips and lean down. "I'm going to have to stop you there before you get really cheesy on me and melt all over the place," you mutter and steal a kiss. Ji-Yong wraps his arms around you, holding you to him while he smoothly pushed you to your side to roll on top of you. He traps you in with his arms on either side of your head, cowering over you with a sly smirk curling his lips. "Now what are you going to do?" He bites his lip. You turn your head from side to side, pretending to look for a way to escape, "help! I'm being held captive by a really seductive dragon!" He chuckles darkly then leans in to tease you with a kiss on the corner of your mouth. You gasp, “oh no, dragons aren't suppose to vegetarians!” Ji-Yong pulls back immediately, covering his face with his hands as his body shook with laughter. You pull your feet from underneath him and jump out of bed, grabbing his arms and pulling them back to catch him off guard with a kiss on the nose. “Dibs on showering first, bye,” you giggle and run out of the room, listening to his laughter prevent him from saying anything to you. You tilt your head up towards the shower head and let the water crash directly on on your forehead, feeling the water cascade down your hair. <<Who would have thought he'd be this playful when he's with someone he likes. Sure, all the aegyo we see on variety shows are one thing, but Kwon Ji-Yong actually being cute with me....>> You step back into the water to let it hit your face and cool down the heat that had began to boil under your cheeks. <<If all G-Dragon stans were in my shoes right now, would they be alive? Better yet, how am I still breathing? He kissed me, he confessed, he.... he even proclaimed how he felt about me in front of YG. Oh crap.>> You cover your mouth with a hand. <<YG probably hates me right now. He's probably blaming me for seducing Ji-Yong and talking him into dating me. I bet he's furious and is going to fire my ass the second I fuck up even just the slightest bit.>> You shut off the water and grab a towel, burying your face into it and feeling your insides shiver violently when Ji-Yong's scent coils around your nose with all trace of negative thoughts disappearing from your head, replaced by the mental images of a shirtless Ji-Yong holding you captive in his arms. <<Hold it together girl, hold it together. That boy can smell your barriers coming down.>> With your hair wrapped in a towel you pat yourself dry and look around for the new set of clothes to change into, freezing in horror the moment you remember running out of the room without replacement clothes. <<Shit. Shit. Shit. What am I going to do? How am I going to->> One of Ji-Yong's t-shirts catches your eyes as it hung from a corner of the towel rack. <<Thank goodness!>> You yank it off and slip it over your head then wrap a towel tightly around your waist then crack the door open to check for any sign of Ji-Yong before running towards your original bedroom and shutting the door. <<Ok, I'm safe. Holy crap that could have been bad.>> After digging around for shorts, you pull them on and finish drying your hair. You follow Ji-Yong's voice towards the kitchen and pull out the bar stool to admire him as he wrapped up his conversation on the phone. “Everything okay?” He glances up from his phone and smiles warmly, “yeah, it's just my manager reminding me of- Are you wearing my shirt?” You look down, blushing brightly with the realization that you hadn't changed your shirt. “Um.” You get up slowly. “I'll go change-” “No no no,” he grabs your hand right before you turn away and tugs you around the bar, holding you steady to bluntly check you out. “Don't change, it looks better on you than it ever did on me,” he smirks. You draw your arms back and turn your back to him to, covering yourself up with your hands. “Don't look at me with those hungry eyes, dragons aren't carnivores, not vegetarians,” you hiss over your shoulder. Ji-Yong closes the distance between you two by wrapping his arms around your waist and placing his head on your shoulder, his lips positioned right behind your ear. “Dragons evolve to adapt to their environment too you know. I'm actually omnivorous,” he whispers before nipping at ear. Your body quivers aggressively, making Ji-Yong chuckle and get away with sneaking a kiss on your neck. Your knees begin to cave with the unexpected jolt of lightening striking through your body, “Yaah! I won't wear your clothes again if you're going to attack me!” Ji-Yong pulls back and spins you around, cupping your face in his hands to keep you from running away. “I can't help it, you left me hanging this morning so at least let me get a real kiss,” he grins then leans in for a soft kiss. “Okay, I'm done. No more aegyo in this relationship because you keep threatening me,” he says as soon as he pulls back and lets you go. You quickly throw your arms around him and pout, “not even gwiyomi?” He breaks into laughter, holding on to you to support himself from toppling over while laughing, his body shaking as he tried to compose a proper face to speak. “O-okay baby. Maybe some gwiyomi here and there.” You kiss him with a bright smile on your lips then release him from your hold. “So, what were you saying before you got distracted?” Ji-Yong smirks, tugging on the hem of your shirt with wink. “My manager was calling me to remind me of an appearance I have to make by the end of the week.” “An appearance?” “The Style Icon Awards are this weekend and I've been nominated for a few things. That's why my manager was calling to remind me.” <<Oh. He's leaving again.>> “I see....” your words evaporate into thin air. He pulls out his phone again, “I have to call my wardrobe specialist and schedule an emergency appointment.” You raise an eyebrow, “your what? For what? You have a specialist? Don't you dress yourself?” He nods, “I do, but I'm going to need help figuring out what you're going to wear.” Your mouth drops, “what!?” Ji-Yong smiles innocently and leans in for a small peck on your forehead, “don't think I'm going to leave you here all alone baby. You're coming with me.” “But won't that just stir up more rumors when they see us together!?” He kisses your nose as he puts his phone by his ear, “Trust me baby, I'll handle that when we get there, for now, let's get you into something worth my taste.”
A few days later~~~ You stare at it, tracing every invisible seam and hugging curve with your eyes. <<This is insane. This is implausible. No way in hell did he legit go out and buy this. He did not walk into a store and pick out something with his own two hands.>> A knock on the dressing room door makes you jump. You turn around and see one of the make up artists peeking through. “Do you need help? We're ready for you at hair and make up, we're just waiting for you to get dressed.” She smiles kindly. You force yourself to smile back, “ah, it's okay. It'll only be a second. I'll be right out.” She closes the door again, leaving you with the gown that Ji-Yong had kept far away from you until today as a surprise. <<This is the last time I'm ever letting him buy me something without my consent.>> You sit on the chair in front of the dress and groan. “I still think this is a bad idea.” After a few more seconds of sulking, you stand back up and strip down then grab the dress off the hanger and slip into it, instantly falling in love with the way it molded onto your body and became one with you. <<Aishh, I spoke too soon. Perks of dating Kwon Ji-Yong.>> A knock on the door makes you turn while you struggle pulling up the zipper. The make up artist from before bows to greet you then smiles at your miserable attempts and steps in to zip you up. You thank her then follow her out into the styling room. With your hair and make up getting done at the same time, it didn't take very long to finish, leaving you in awe as you gaze at yourself in the mirror to admire how perfectly the dress complimented your hair and make up and vice versa. <<Is this really me?>> “Is she ready?” you hear Ji-Yong ask from a far. You stand up and turn towards the direction of his voice before thanking the women for their hard work. Ji-Yong appears through the doorway, his lips growing into a beaming smile from ear to ear the moment he sees you. You blush deeply at the suited Ji-Yong gawking at you. “Ready to go?” Ji-Yong asks, taking a careful step inside. “Yeah, I think so.” You approach him and take his arm, struggling to keep your dorky smile from displaying how happy you were to be next to him. Ji-Yong opens the door to the a classy black car then goes around and climbs in beside you, keeping his hand on top of yours as the drive takes off and merges into the street. <<Is this really happening? Am I going to be able to survive this in one piece? Aishh, I'm putting him at risk of losing his career! I should have said no, I should have quit YG and left in the very beginning. It's going to be a disaster after tonight.>> “Don't worry about tonight, okay?” Ji-Yong's voice breaks you free from your raging thoughts. You glance up at him and nod slowly. “Are you ready?” he smiles his famous heart melting smile at you. Your heart pounds in your ears. “No.” He gives your hand a light squeeze. “Is there any way I can convince you and the driver to let me off this car so I can walk home?” Ji-Yong chuckles, “Oh, you'll be getting off the car alright, but with me, on the red carpet, in front of hundreds of flashing lights and millions of people watching.” Your stomach somersaults uncomfortably, “I can't with you.” He leans in and plants a soft kiss on your cheek, “you look beautiful in that gown.” Heat rises to your cheeks as your heart flutters uncontrollably,“and you look as godly as ever in that suit.” Another small smooch is able to be exchanged before the car comes to a stop. Your heart drops with the realization that the only thing protecting you at this point is a simple car door. “I'm scared,” you confess in a small whisper. He chuckles again. “This is what scares you? After the crap what we went through, you're terrified of this?” His hand slides to the handle of the door where he hesitates for a moment before turning his head back to you. “I love you. And because I love you, the world needs to know how I feel about you so they can stop with the pathetic bullshit. I'm not afraid, I'm as confident as I ever will be and that's all because I have you. My foreign flower.” Before you have time to react, he opens the car door and steps out. You hear the fans screaming in excitement as he goes around the car. <<This is it.... Goodbye calm life, goodbye privacy, goodbye, goodbye.>> The moment he opens the door, he offers you his hand. You take it and climb out of the car in one swift move. As expected, all eyes shift to you. A tight knot forms deep in your throat but with the help of his presence, you're able to compose yourself on spot as you slip your hand around his arm and follow him down the strange yet familiar carpet. The photographers stop snapping pictures, the fans stop screaming, and even the MCs stop speaking, but as soon as he turns to you with a smile and you mirror one of your own, the crowd springs to life again, shouting questions, taking pictures, and begging for clarification. He raises his hand to wave hello but like second nature, you both bow respectfully in unison to the paparazzi and the screaming fans. “Ladies and gentlemen,” he speaks, causing the crowd to quiet down to low whispers, even the excited MCs. “Allow me to introduce you my girlfriend.” <<WHAT!?>> The crowd uproars instantly. You follow Ji-Yong closely and stand in front of the photographers, smiling and waving hello, progressively making your way towards the entrance. Your listen to the screams of fangirls, some chanting Ji-Yong's name with their hearts while others screamed for answers, begged almost and with the paparazzi trying to throw something in to catch either yours or Ji-Yong's attention, the time it took to get through the doors had began to feel like an eternity. Your face started ache from smiling by the time you disappear into the safety of the building but with years of watching award shows, you knew there was plenty of cameras to be swooping by to catch a glimpse of G-Dragon's new girlfriend. “How are you doing?” Ji-Yong leans in to whisper in your ear as you two make your way towards your assigned seating. “Well, my face hurts already, and you just dropped the biggest bomb on national television without giving me a heads up. I don't know how I'm suppose to be feeling right now,” you hiss back. Half of his face lifts into a half smile, “bare with it for a while longer. I have this under control.” <<Under control? We've basically dug our own graves.>> Sitting next to Ji-Yong and poising yourself into perfect posture had tired you out in a matter of minutes but Ji-Yong's warm thumb rubbing your knuckles to reassure you of his presence, you hold together, regardless of the obvious camera filming and flashing in your direction. “Ji,” you whisper softly. He turns to you instantly. “Hmm?” “What if they ask me what I'm wearing?” He grins, “they won't ask, trust me.” “But what if they do?” “Everyone knows what you're wearing baby, it's okay.” “Everyone!?” You hiss quietly, “I don't even know what I'm wearing!” “You're the most beautiful woman in this venue, in this world if I should say so myself. Just follow my lead baby, I won't leave you alone.” Music begins to fill the large venue drawing attention to center stage as the leading MCs geared up to kick off the show. You participate in the applaud with everyone else throughout the show, smiling and giggling at different performances and acceptance speeches. Ji-Yong's name begins to get mentioned in the nominees after a while. You fangirl deep inside, screaming and praying for him to win just like you use to when you would watch award shows from the computer screen. Disappointment after disappointment, you begin to wonder if you had cursed Ji-Yong by coming with him after all. Signs that the show was coming to a close had commenced, relieving you from wondering how much longer you would have to keep acting like a mannequin. Ji-Yong's name was mentioned again for the final award, the Style Icon of the Year Award. “And the winner is.....” You watch as SNSD's Tiffany and Song Joong-Ki open up the envelope to reveal the winner. “G-Dragon!” They sing in unison. Ji-Yong begins to chuckle then stands up and pulls you to your feet to scoop you up for a tight hug. “Congratulations, Mr. G-Dragon,” you grin. “Thanks, baby.” He lets you go and makes his way through the row towards the aisle to head up the stage. As you take your seat again, you see multiple camera men taking your photo from the corner of your eye. You compose yourself again and continue clapping, focusing on Ji-Yong's bashful smile as he took the award and bowed humbly to the MCs. “Thank you,” he says grabbing the mic. “Thank you. There are too many individuals on my list I owe this award to that a single thank you won't suffice how deeply honored I am to be receiving this tonight. To the fans that have followed me since the beginning and the support I've gained from family and friends, and the bonds I've been able to create and keep, I really wouldn't be here without all of you. “I've had someone very special tell me something recently that completely touched my heart to the point that it explains how I feel right now, and I quote, 'if I could spend the rest of my life thanking you, I wouldn’t hesitate a single day.' Thank you everyone.” <<Wait.... Didn't I say that?>> Ji-Yong bows then makes his way towards back stage as the MCs took over to wrap up the show with a few announcements. The lights flick back on and people start to jump on their feet, stretching and shuffling their way out of the rows. You too get up, looking around for any sign of Ji-Yong. The people behind you begin to grumble about you holding up the line, causing you to follow the crowd of beautiful faces into the lobby area for the after party that usually took place. <<Crap, I didn't bring my phone. This is going to be a pain.>> “Is that her?” “No way, she cannot be dating G-Dragon.” You turn around at the mention of Ji-Yong's name, failing to pinpoint the source. “Didn't you see the pictures online a few days ago? It looked like they've been keeping their relationship a secret since the BigBang comeback.” “I still don't believe it, I mean, isn't she just a secretary or something? Why is she even here?” <<Aishh. I forget what world I'm in right now.>> You enter the lobby and scan for a quiet place to escape towards to wait for Ji-Yong. Carrying your gown made weaving through the crowds more difficult than you anticipated. “That's her! G-Dragon confirmed the dating rumor just as they got here!” “No way. She's a model right? She was on the cover of Vogue with him!” “I thought she was actress since she starred in the comeback video with BigBang.” “You really think they're dating?” <<I need to get out of here, fast.>> You push your way through a small cluster then feel something grab onto your hand and stop you. Your head jerks around, instantly feeling the weight off your shoulders when you see Ji-Yong holding onto you. “Running away?” he grins. “Couldn't even if I wanted to with you around,” you smile back. “Come on, let's go home, the car is waiting for us.” He slips your hand around his arm and guides you through the crowds, effortlessly weaving around as people had stopped their conversations to watch you two make way towards the exit without a single word. “How'd you find me?” you ask, relieved to feel the cool Seoul air against your skin. “My girlfriend-is-in-danger senses were tingling again.” You snort, “they must be a sixth sense-” Out of nowhere, photographers and reporters appeared out of hiding spots and rushed towards you and Ji-Yong, snapping away pictures and yelling out questions. Within a matter of seconds, you two had been swarmed by the paparazzi. “BigBang's G-Dragon has publicly announcement the confirmation of his secretly romantic relationship with the one and only Foreign Flower but she has yet to say anything, can we get a word with you miss?” “Is it true that you two have been dating since the release of the comeback music video for BigBang?” “Why hasn't YG confirmed anything yet?” The swarm had gotten tighter around you, many individual stepping on your dress, pulling your arm, or tugging at your hair just to hold you back and shove microphones in your face. “What does this mean for you? Will you be transitioning into full time model now that you've debuted with G-Dragon?” “Why did you keep your relationship secret for so long?” A paparazzo manages to squeeze in between you and Ji-Yong, making your hands release as the man towered over you. “Where were you when G-Dragon landed back from Japan earlier this week?” "Is it true that G-Dragon bought you everything that you are wearing? "What do you have to say about his fans and the other members?" Ji-Yong pushes back the paparazzi and throws in arm around you, pressing you tightly to himself to shield you from the rowdy photographers. The chauffeur stood waiting for you with the door open and yet the distance seemed to have doubled in length with the little progress you were making. You lower your eyes and watch Ji-Yong's feet, fighting to keep yourself from wincing at how close and how rapidly the flash was going off. “G-Dragon refuses to let her speak for herself, why is that GD?” “Do you plan to reveal future projects together?” “Are you living together?” “How many people knew before today?” With his arm firmly around your waist, he manages to escort you quickly to the car once security showed up to calm the crowd. You climb in first, scooting over to make room for him as he blocked the paparazzi from taking any more pictures of you by taking off his blazer and hanging it over the window until the car finally merged into the street.
Your hands shook from the fear of having your personal space invaded like you were nothing in the eyes of the those individuals. You glance up and look at Ji-Yong, his face stern and hard looking out the window. “Ji,” you whisper. He stays quiet. “Why didn't you tell me you were going to tell the whole world that we were dating tonight?” He sinks his teeth into his bottom lip without answering. Your blood begins to boil from being ignored. “Are we not going to talk about this? Is that how it's going to go?” He sighs heavily then reaches out to grab your hand without looking away from the window. You pull your hand away and stare out the other window, folding your arms across your chest to ride out the rest of the trip in silence. Ji-Yong opens the front door to the apartment and lets you walk in first, then checks around for signs of any followers before heading inside and locking the door. “I swear, if anyone touches you like those bastards ever again, I'll rip them apart with my own two hands.” He fumes as soon as the last lock clicks. You ignore him and head towards his room to change out of the dress, noticing him follow behind you ranting under his breath. You take a seat on the edge of his bed and take off your heels, going back to massage the sore spots. “They call that professionalism? That's invasion of privacy, it was clearly a way to provoke you to speak. So stupid. Let them shove another microphone in your face like that and you'll get something shoved up their ass in return.” “Well none of this would have happened if I would have stayed behind,” you growl back. Ji-Yong stops to look at you, “I'm not going to let you go anywhere alone after what happened with Tae-Yang.” You stand up, “if you won't let me go anywhere alone, then at least keep me in the loop when you decide to tell the world one of our secrets.” “Baby, can't you see? I'm sick and tired of keeping quiet. I'm not a child that can be hushed up just because it could hurt some feelings. I love you, and if I were given the chance, I'd yell it off the top of every building to make sure everyone heard me.” “But that's the thing, you're doing things without telling me. I was thrown in for a loop and I honestly didn't know how to react when you dropped the bomb like that!” He gets closer, fidgeting with his bow tie, “but you reacted perfectly! Professionally! Just like I knew you would!” “Ugh! That's not what I'm trying to say!” You reach up and smack his hands away to untie the bow. “You tell me to trust you, you tell me not to worry, and yet I don't know what's going to happen until the moment you say something. Communicate with me too, Ji. Tell me what you're thinking, tell me what you want to achieve, isn't that why people get into relationships? To rely on each other?” You pull off the bow tie and hand it to him, then step around him to get some space to figure out how to unzip yourself. “I'm sorry baby. I really am, I just wanted to, I don't know, stop sneaking around and have a normal relationship like everyone else in the world.” “Normal? I think our relationship will be far from normal considering each of our situations,” you grumble, getting even more frustrated over the tiny zipper. Ji-Yong snickers quietly and grabs your waist, “let me help you, I think it hurts me more watching you struggle like this.” You turn your head and shoot him a death glare, “don't laugh. It's a beautiful gown but zipping it up definitely knocked off some stars on its rating. He tugs on the zipper down to your waist, “I'll keep that in mind for next time, baby.” You turn around, holding the dress to your chest to keep it from falling, “next time? Oh no, I think I'm going to sit the next award show out.” Ji-Yong smiles gently and wraps his arms around you, “I'm sorry. From the pit of my heart, I want to apologize. You're right, I should have asked whether or not you wanted to come. I should have told you what I was going to do, and I should have taken you with me to go dress shopping. I promise I'll work on improving my mistakes from now on.” You pull your hands from underneath him and wrap them around his neck, closing the small gap between the two of you. “I'm sorry too. I should have copyrighted my words so you couldn't quote me.” He chuckles and pulls back, your dress pooling at your feet instantly since his body against yours was the only thing holding it up. You flush brightly and reach down for it, only to get stopped before even touching it when Ji-Yong lifts your head back up and holds you steady with his finger under your chin. “Leave it, you're even more beautiful without it on,” he whispers, leaning in to kiss you deeply. Your stomach flips, releasing a swarm of butterflies to flutter around as Ji-Yong let go of your chin and ran his hands down your sides to your waist, pulling you closer to him than ever before. Your feel your hands begin to unbutton his shirt, shaking more and more the further they descended down his body until your fingers coiled around the hem of his dress pants. Ji-Yong pulls back, hot and breathless from the kiss, with a toe curling fire in his eyes. You catch the hint of a smirk on his lips before he leans in slowly to lick the bottom of your lip then tug it gently, sucking it between his teeth. You squeeze your eyes shut and fight back a soft moan, failing the second he bites a little harder. Ji-Yong pulls back again, taking small steps backwards towards the bed as you proceeded to unbutton his pants without breaking eye contact. He sat on the bed and tugged you onto his lap, creating a wave of electricity to run from your head to your toe when you felt him underneath while his breathing hitched, becoming husky and sinfully sexy. You brush your lips down his jaw and across his chin, listening to his silent suffering until you finally kiss him. Ji-Yong arms his arms around you and rolls over to pin you down then quickly kicks off his pants and rips off his shirt, sending them flying across the room before twining his fingers with yours and keeping them down beside your head. He pulls back from your lips and skims his mouth to your ear, nipping at it playful to make you gasp then sinking his teeth gently into your neck once you were distracted. “That's..... not..... playing fair,” you whine. “Mmmmm?” He smiles against your neck and moves his hands down to your bra, unhooking it after a couple of attempts. You take advantage of the opportunity and tangle your fingers into his hair, to tug and pull, causing loud groan out of him. “That's not playing fair,” he growls in your ear. “Hmm?” Ji-Yong straightens up and glances down at you, biting his lip in the process, “you know I love you, right?” You grin, “if you start getting cheesy on me right now, it might kill the mood.” "I'll come back to it then. Right now, hold on to me." You inch your hands down and wrap your arms around his neck tightly. "Wrap your legs around my waist." Obeying to his words, you coil your legs around him and feel yourself get hoisted higher, his hands sliding underneath you with the sound of ripping fabric widening your eyes. "I'll buy you more later, right now, I can't think clearly. I want to be inside you more than I want to breathe right now," he says, his voice strained and edgy. Your body responds with goosebumps. <<Whoa.>> "Boxers. Off. Now." You manage to respond in a husky whisper. Ji-Yong chuckles, "that's my baby." He grips you with an arm and stands up off the bed, quickly pulling down his boxers before setting you back down softly on the bed, leaving you to explore his bare body with your eyes. "Don't look at me like that, flowers photosynthesize don't they?" You cover your face with your hands to hide your bright cheeks. Ji-Yong grabs your legs, pulling you roughly towards him before position himself in between you and leaning over to remove your hands off your face. "Don't hide away from me either, I need someone beautiful to keep me going," he winks. <<Good god, please! Just do it!>> Like answered prayers, Ji-Yong pushes the tip of his cock inside you. Your body tenses up with the pressure on your lower abdomen building the further he goes in. He pauses only for the briefest moment to check if you were doing well before surging fully inside with a moan escaping from both of your lips. The sensation of Ji-Yong being inside of you started overwhelm your system. You were filled, completely. Watching him thrust back and forth only made you thank the heavens for this man having to hip thrust so many times in many choreographs. His fingers sunk further into your hips, then instantly soften, almost as if Ji-Yong was enjoying watching you squirm underneath him. You feel his hands caress and slide all over your body, exploring places that caused a reaction out of you. Shivers, goosebumps, moans, small little gasps, the things you couldn't help. “Am I hurting you?” Ji-Yong asks hoarsely. You shake your head, “Nope, Not at all. Just, please don't stop.” <<Geez. stop now and I'll die.... Holy crap, am I begging?>> Ji-Yong lowered himself more, caging you again inside his arms. You slide your hands up his arms, reveling in his exposed muscle underneath your hands. “Aishh,” Ji-Yong hisses. He grabs your hands and pins to the side of your head. Your eyes widening at the ferocity in his face, at how his eyes narrowed as a low growl rumbled from his throat. The mere sight sent a thrill deep into your belly and fluttered outward until it was started to infect your body with the high of a life time. The dragon unleashing himself after everything that had happened. Breathing became difficult, you flirted with becoming light headed from the exhilaration and anticipation. Ji-Yong withdrew and thrust again, sending electrical waves through your body with the force of his reentry. His gaze seared into yours with enough intensity to create goosebumps down your arms and legs again, tightening your core to the point of release. “Ji- I-” “I know, baby,” his voice was guttural and raspy. “Me too.” The speed increases, the force increases, you begin to whither in sweet agony as you climbed further up the ladder to nirvana. Ji-Yong lets go of your hands and grabs your hips again, hoisting them up to ram himself harder into you. You gasp, clinging onto the bed sheets for support as the scale begins to tip beyond the balance and plunge you towards the release. Your body quivers violently as it implodes on itself, draining your energy and making you weak just as Ji-Yong unleashed his final throaty moan with his own climax exceeding expectations. He lets go of your hips gently and pulls out, grabbing a pillow and laying on it then pulling you onto his chest. With the bed sheets covering your back and Ji-Yong's chest keeping you warm, you trace the outline of his Dragon Ball tattoo, listening to his breathing as he strokes your hair. “Thank you for coming with me to the award show tonight, it really means a lot,” his chest vibrates as he speaks. You turn to glance at him. “Of course. I wouldn't have said no even if you asked.” “You wouldn't?” “Not if you would have told me about it ahead of time.” He smiles, “well now that you meant it, I have something else that I need to attend in a couple of weeks, want to come?” “Nah, I think I'm going to be sick around that time.” Ji-Yong chuckles, “I'm make sure to you're healthy enough to go.” A random noise from the other side of the room makes you jerk your head up, “what was that?” “My phone probably refreshing itself.” You lay back down on his chest and close your eyes. <<That is, if I survive all the paparazzi attacks and sasaeng threats that are waiting for me the moment I'm found alone.>>
Omo! :D Hoping everyone is well........ :3 Um. What will happen next week!? :O Ah geez, look, Imma go hide under a rock because I don't know how ya'll are gonna react to this.... late birthday gift to GD...... So imma just opt this one out, okay? Thank you reading! *bows*
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@Sailynn GIRL! I just read it again!! Jesus that was hot!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁👀👀👀👀💦💦💦💦💦
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Go back to where it got cut off I finished the scene
Congratulations! I know it would happen but you managed to kill me before we got to TOP's petal! 😘 Seriously though. That chapter though. I just...I....there are no words. I'm speechless. I loved it! Happy Birthday, GD, indeed! Although...I am suspicious of that noise at the end. *narrows eyes* I can't wait for the next chapter!
I believe you just killed at the least most of his fans with this.. Like holy crap!!
Omgshhhh!! Sex with G-Dragon.. I'm dead.. Soooo dead
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