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This stew is known for being one of the healthiest! the reason why is because Doenjang is rich in beneficial vitamins, minerals, and plant hormones and helps in the prevention of blood vessel-related illness! I know it might sound a little bit weirdddd but its definitely good for your health and i recommend trying ittt! :D What you need: - 2 cups rice starch water* - 6-7 dried anchovies - 1 piece (3") dried sea kelp - 2 generous Tbsp Doenjang (soybean paste) - 1/2 package (4 oz) tofu, cut into 1" cubes - 1/2 onion diced - 1/2 zucchini diced - 1 tsp Korean chili flakes - 1 garlic clove chopped - 1 green or red chili sliced - 1/2 package enoki mushrooms or one handful of any mushrooms sliced 1/2 Asian leek or 1 green onion sliced * rice starch water : rinse rice once with water and drain. Add a 1/2 cup of water again, toss and swirl around the rice for 30 seconds. You will see the water turning into milk-like. Add 2 cups of water and swirl to collect all the starch from the rice. Drain to save the starch water in a bowl. Directions 1) Bring small 1 qt stone or heavy bottom pot over medium-high heat. Toast the anchovies for 1 minute and pour the rice starch water to the pot. Add the sea kelp and bring to boil and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove the anchovies and sea kelp, discard them. 2) Using a coarse mesh strainer, mash the Doenjang paste into the pot so it gets incorporated with stock. Add onion, zucchini, chili flakes and let them boil. Add tofu, garlic, chili and cook for 2 minutes. 3) Lastly add Enoki mushrooms and green onion. Remove the pot from heat and serve hot with rice. Would you try itttt?
@miranpark88 is this healthy? I have heard that Korean stews have a high sodium content! is there any way I can make it with less salt?? or would it taste weird that way??
@PaulLim @miranpark88 okay, maybe I'll try this next time, since I need rice to eat with the soup anyway :)
when I had this in the restaurant, j thought it really hard to make.but from here, it js really easy !!!
@minjaeturtles yesss it makes the soup thicker and it actually blends in really well with the red bean pasteeee :D but as @PaulLim said no need to do ittt! you can still make a really good soup of of itttt
@minjaeturtles It makes the souo a little thinker but you're right... no need to do this~
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