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wonder how many people will want to join this place
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@veselovskayavic Yea. That was a bit 2 serious topic 4 this card tho. Lolz But it's true ppl often say "I'd risk my life" & stuff, when if it rly came down 2 it, they can't make themselves move. I question which kind I am myself sometimes. But I remember that there was this time when I was 6 that I was almost attacked by a huge wild hog. But I avoided running 2wards my house, bc I didn't want 2 lead it 2 my family. I stayed where I was & hid. So I think I might actually risk my life in a bad situation.
It's like my dream 2 join a guild like this...
it's 2 serious ik lol and I would love to join as well like with no doubt lol but its understandable 2 since we don't really live near war and fighting area. didn't mean u Cuz everyone is diff.
but we all love fairy tail and I think what fairy tail has showed us something the actual world wouldn't really be able to sadly but don't mean we still can't wish right