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Hey guys!! Oh gosh its been so long since I've updated. But here's part 4! Some crazy stuff happens in this chapter!! Enjoy! Part one Part two Part three
The next day was normal. You woke up, ate breakfast, and went to work. You had a great day teaching and bonding with your students. You held a private class with one student named Lily. The two of you got along right off the bat. She told you how she had always wanted to visit Korea and see what life was like there. You ended up doing more talking than dancing. When you arrived home, you had a text from Namjoon asking if he could call you. You replied with a simple of course, like usual, and awaited his call. Your phone rang after a few minutes. The two of you held a conversation for a decent amount of time before Namjoon said he needed to tell you something important. "Listen y/n, I just wanted to warn you, life is about to get busy for the boys and myself again. We've been on break. I just need you to know that I'm not going to be able to talk as much." He said. You knew the boys were on break, and that they had a busy life normally, but hearing Namjoon say so made you sad. But you understood. "Namjoon, please don't worry! We both have our own lives, and I'll always wait for you!" Namjoon sighed into the phone, and you could tell he was relieved. He thanked you for understanding and the two of you started talking in a carefree manner again. You asked how they were enjoying their break and Namjoon spoke with an obvious happiness in his voice. He said they all work so hard on a daily basis so it's nice to see them sleeping in and eating lots, just enjoying their free time. It was obvious that he loved the boys, not because he had to, but because he knew them well and genuinely cared. You thought to yourself about how you can relate. When you're teaching your class, and you see them all working hard to get on your level. You give them break days where they all do what they want, be it laying on the floor talking with one another, playing games, or listening to music. You loved watching them have fun in their own way. Namjoon voice snapped you out of your thoughts. "Y/n, I actually really think you would get along with the boys! I can see that your personality is a mix of all theirs. You can be goofy like Hosek and Teahyung, and also laid back like Yoongi. I think you could find similar interests with all of them, the way you did me." He says. You smile and agree. "You're probably right! I only wish I could communicate better with them. I only know a little Korean. Not enough to hold a conversation." You said, feeling a bit sad that you couldn't talk to the rest of Bangtan. You didn't have enough time to take classes, and reading books on your own wouldnt stick. Namjoon said the Korean you used when the two of you met was nearly perfect, and that you could probably learn quickly.  You told him that it only sounded decent because you practiced for weeks before the concert. You were always harder on yourself than you needed to be when learning new things. You were lost in your thoughts yet again when Namjoons voice, a little louder than usual, broke your concentration and made you jump. "Aha!! I have the perfect idea y/n! Your oppa Namjoon-ah will be your tutor!" He exclaims like a happy child. You giggle at the tone of his voice. "First of all, Namjoon oppa? Don't get ahead of yourself my monster. And second, no! You have far too much going on in your life to take the time to teach me anything!" You said sternly. He groans deeply and continued. "Hush Jagi. I can handle this. I would absolutely love to close the gap between you and my six best friends. I wouldn't offer if I didn't think I could do it! Its happening. And were starting right away. Get a pen and a notebook and answer my call!" He says leaving you confused. "Wait, what? Namjoon were already on the ph- click- Namjoon?" You groan as you realize Namjoon hung up on you, mid sentence. You then run to your desk and grab a pen and an empty notebook, not wanting to dissapoint your new tutor. With mixed feelings of excitement and nerves, you sit on your bed with your laptop and wait for Namjoon call.
A few minutes passed and your computer started making noise, letting you know you were getting a video call on Skype. You quickly answer and smile when the camera connected and you saw Namjoon sitting comfortably in a lounge chair outside. He was wearing a loose white tank top and sunglasses. His hair fell on his face in a messy manner. Seeing him made your heart speed up. You were now more nervous than excited. He chuckled and said hello. You greeted him back and asked why he was laughing. "Oh nothing big. You just look cute is all." He said in a confident manner. His words made you realize that you hadn't looked in a mirror since you got home. You glance at yourself in the camera and see that your hair is in a messy bun, falling around your face. Your makeup is smudged and cheeks pink. Your loose shirt falling off your shoulder. Horrified, you mumble curse words under your breath and reply "Are you crazy Kim Namjoon?! I look terrible! You shouldn't see me like this." You finish, a little too serious for his liking. "Y/n I may be crazy, but I'm serious! You look adorable. I like you like this. You look real." He says, making you look up from your lap. The genuine smile on his face makes you smile back. He quickly puts you to work. Drawing characters with their translation and watching you copy them down. The two of you work for a bit before he says that's enough for the day. He gave you a few websites and YouTube videos to look at for homework. The mention of that word made you visibly cringe. He chuckled at your reaction. "Y/n is it okay if we don't hang up yet? I j-just.. Want to look at you a little longer." he says in a shy tone that you hadn't heard from him before. "Namjoon, I could stay on this call all night." You say feeling your cheeks heat up. You look up again to see him smiling in a way that made the butterflies that recently made their home in your stomach wake up and move faster than they had since you first met Namjoon. The two of you didn't talk much for the next hour. Namjoon did things on his phone while you studied the notes he made you take. You would look up to your computer every once in a while to see him staring into you, making you smile and look away. After a while you let out a long yawn and stretched, causing your shirt to lift, exposing your stomach to the camera. You looked to see that Namjoon was staring at your exposed middle. You scramble to cover yourself as he chuckles at you once again. "You're tired Jagi. You should go get some sleep. You did well today. I'm very pleased." He says in a deep scratchy voice. You didn't fight him this time. You were in fact tired. "Hey y/n?" He said after you thanked him. "Hm?" You replied, looking back at Namjoons face on the screen in front of you. "Same time tomorrow! Be ready to learn because I'm not going easy on you young lady!" He says in that same confident tone as earlier. You giggle and nod your head as he gives you an enthusiastic thumbs up. You were about to say goodnight when he spoke again. "I just have to say, I meant what I said earlier. You really are beautiful y/n. I like when you don't hide your natural beauty. Don't get me wrong, you look amazing when you do your hair and makeup, but I really like the real you. I wish I could see it in person, but video chat will have to be good enough for now." He finishes with a serious look. Your head got fuzzy and you couldn't think of a good response. "I-i.. Thank you Namjoon oppa. G-goodnight." Was all you could manage to get out. You smiled and hung up, embarrassed and frazzled. Holding your hands firmly on your cheeks in an attempt to put out the fire burning inside them, you hear your phone go off, a text from Namjoon. "Goodnight my shy Jagi. Sleep well! And study! :)" he said. You laid back on your bed and sighed. He knows what he does to you, he has to. You don't hide it very well. You cleaned off your bed, and grabbed clean pajamas and headed for the bathroom to shower. As the cool water ran over your warm body you tried to push Namjoon out of your mind, but failed miserably. He was all you could think of as of late. The way he made you feel, the things he said, and now, the way he looked at you. You didn't want to admit it, but you knew you had feelings for him.
The next two weeks were spent the same way. Wake up, work, come home and study with Namjoon. Every day he gave you homework. Either websites to look at, videos to watch, or articles to read. You worked in time for this homework throughout your day. Either right when you got to work while you waited for students to arrive, while eating lunch or breakfast, or on your way home. You always found yourself excited for your next lesson. You couldn't tell if it was because you were excited to learn, or to see Namjoon. But every night at the same time, you were greeted by a bright smile from your favorite tutor. He praised you for learning so quickly. "Jagi you've officially learned enough to survive in Korea!" He said while clapping. You smiled thanking him silently. You took it upon yourself to learn more from other sources, hoping to empress him. ~ You woke up late on your day off to a text from your boss. She asked that you come in for a short meeting whenever you can. You weren't worried because every time she called you in, it usually meant you were needed at another gym. You got dressed in some casual clothes and shot her a short 'omw' text before heading out. You arrived to work and went straight to your bosses office, sitting on the couch in front of her desk. She greeted you and chatted for a bit. "Okay let's get down to business y/n. I got a few emails last week from our sister gyms abroad. They're all in need of an experienced choreographer to come teach a few classes. I figured I would let you choose where you wanted to go." She said. You were excited because you loved to travel and it had been a while. She went on her computer, typing away she pulled up her email. "Let's see, the gym in Australia could use you for a week. Hmm the one here in the us would need you for a bit longer. Oh and our branch in South Korea opened not too long ago and would love for you to come show the new employees the ropes. You would probably be there for a few weeks at least." She finished, looking up from her computer. You went completely pale. You couldn't have heard her right. South Korea? There's no way. You immersed yourself in your thoughts for a moment. "I have the opportunity to go to South Korea, and do what I love. And I could see Namjoon!! Wake up! I must be dreaming." You thought. The cold hands of your boss on your face forced you back to reality. She had a worried look on her face. "Y/n?! Are you okay babe? You don't look so good." She said a little too loud. You nodded, stood up and began to pace, assuring her that you were fine. She went back to her computer and said she needed to have your pick by the end of the week so she could set everything up. You thanked her and went home. ~ Plopping on your bed you knew exactly what you were going to tell your boss. You were going to South Korea. You were finally going to see the place you've only dreamt about. And more importantly, you were going to get to see Namjoon again. The next morning you went to work and gave your boss your answer. You stayed up late the night before coming up with a plan. You weren't going to tell Namjoon you were coming. You were going to surprise him instead. The next week dragged on. Your boss gave you all your information. In a week, you would be in Seoul. You spent your free time packing and making Namjoon believe that you were traveling back to Australia. You told him you wouldn't be able to talk much. Keeping the secret from him wasn't hard, not talking to him was. You had an empty feeling when you would receive texts from him, knowing you couldn't reply. But you kept it up, sure that the surprise would make up for it.
The day finally came. You handed your class off to your substatute, and went home. The butterflies in your stomach moving so fast you felt nauseous. Your car finally arrived to take you to the airport. You sat down and put your headphones in to drown out your racing thoughts. You walked through the airport like a zombie. It wasn't until you found your seat on the plane that your mind started racing. Reality set in, and the nervousness you felt, turned to excitement, causing you to smile like a fool. You leaned back and enjoyed the long ride. You woke up to the plane touching down. You were officially in South Korea. You grabbed your bags and quickly found yourself running to the young man holding a sign with your name on it. You knew this man well. He was one of your greatest friends. His name was Mike. He worked at your gym with you, and recently transferred to Korea to help open the new gym. He was going to be your personal guide while you were here, and would take you wherever you needed to go. You jumped into his arms for a tight hug. You didn't realize you were crying until he put his sleeve to your face to dry the tears. The car ride to the hotel was loud with conversation. You caught up with him and expressed your happiness to finally be here. You checked in and dropped your bags off at your room, then went out to lunch, Mikes treat. Over a steaming bowl of soup you told him about Namjoon. He knew and loved the Bangtan boys music. He almost seemed more excited than you. You then told him about your plan to surprise Namjoon, and he said he would gladly help. The rest of your day was spent shopping and getting lost in the bussle of Seoul. You returned to your hotel and slept. You woke up the next morning excited to start work. Mike texted you and said he was on his way to get you, so you rushed to get ready. Your first day at the gym was spent meeting and getting to know your new co workers, and showing them your abilities. Later that day you met your first class. You used your new skill to greet them and introduce yourself in Korean. The next few days went slowly. You got to know them and started teaching.
Then the weekend finally came. You woke up early on Saturday morning and spent hours getting ready. Mike showed up early to help. You picked out the nicest casual outfit you brought. Mike did your hair in a cute updo while you perfected your makeup. After over analyzing your look in the mirror for what felt like hours, you decided you were ready. You texted Namjoon. "Hey Namjoon oppa? Are you at the studio?" You said, holding your breath as you waited for a reply. "Hey Jagi! Yeah were relaxing. How's your trip? Wait, why do you ask?" He said. He replied exactly how you hoped he would. The perfect set up. Mike and you got in the car and drove to Big Hit. You were practically hyperventilating the whole time. You finally arrived and you swore your heart would burst out of your chest onto the hot pavement. You thanked Mike and walked up to the door. "Okay y/n. No turning back now." You thought to yourself as you texted Namjoon back. "You should come outside. Its hot out here." You replied.
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