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I got two words for you 민 윤기, 천재 (MinYoongi, genius) You guys I'm dying, it's perfect. I'm making this card from the afterlife. He was already wrecking my bias list but damn this took it to a whole new level. These lyrics are amazing and well put together. Also is he a pyro maniac because he's always surrounded by fire haha It's probably just because he spits fire 🙌 Tags 💕 @AlittleJoy @Melz064 @MichelleIbarra @raenel
@EverieMistfit @AlittleJoy JUST SAW IT! and downloaded the album of course!
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I'm going to download it when I get off work! Damn you work for getting in the way! Haha
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I can't describe the feels overload I am feeling right now in words. i'm literally dying!
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