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My parents met online. I don't see why people have problems with meeting people online.
Uou would never know until you met and finf out what is really goin on.I met my bf online and it has been a year for us and he is still giving me butterflies in my stomach each time I think of him.There are GOOD fish out there.
@LisaMarissa @Anna5221 it's taken me 2 online boyfriends and 1 date to realize what kind of personality I like in a guy. I love guys who are shy and has a passion for anime. I swear with my boyfriend now I feel like I hit the jackpot
well that's a good thing but there are guys and girls out there who loves to date more then one ppl and say u the only one for them and ends up breaking yer heart in the end. which hurts like hell. soo be careful with it
Be smart enough:)