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OKAY BEAUTIES, I HAVE BEEN A WAY AND HAVEN'T KEPT UP WITH MY POSTING. FIR THIS I AM TRULY SORRY!! BUT EVERYTHING WILL START GOING AGAIN AND WE WILL HAVE MORE CARDS COMING SOON!!! FOR THE POLLS, SINCE I AM WAY BEHIND, I WILL START POSTING A POLL EVERYDAY AND ALONG WITH THE RESULTS. I HAVE MISSED YOU GUYS AND I CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE MORE FUN!!! !!LOTS IF LOVE BEAUTIES!! A.D.R. Q3 Squad! @Tayunnie @ChoiJiah @Beauty1Monbebe2 @nikkynoel Lovely B2uties; @mitchix5 @obiterdictum @SusiBosshammer @AimeeH @sherrysahar @keziahwright @lysettemartinez @missykim @choijiah @robertakm64 @jamimilsap @reyestiny93 @PrettieeEmm @YarSyn @XionHeart @AlexisCortez @lafe578 @sweetnothing34 @Kayto4 @BlackFawn @linzi0302 @giselacampos14 @linzi0302 @yukigintokie @MelissaGarza @KellyOConnor @IsoldaPazo @axosrain @GamerKyumin Please ask to be added or removed from this tag list!
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Its fine. No rush