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I recently saw a card by miranpark called GCB (Gin, Cucumber, Basil) but changed up a few things. I don't have a name for it, so help me name it! Ingredients 1) Vodka 2) Cointreau (Orange liqueur) 3) Club Soda 4) Mint leaves (lots of em) 5) Sliced cucumber 6) Sliced lemons 7) A little sugar to taste I was lucky enough to find a chocolate mint plant and have been growing it. This is my new favorite summer cocktail... better than a Mojito!
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@miranpark88 Really good Great summer cocktail. I've been growing a rosemary bush, basil & mint~ wish I could find thyme~
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I would definitely have a glass of that cocktail. I bet those mint leaves made the drink a 100 times more refreshing!
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@PaulLim uhhhhh!!!!!! wowww!! you gotta share those tipsss caz every plant i touch they die... i dont know whats going on..hahah
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Come up with a name yet?
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@roselee89 it would be just a vodka tonic without the mint~ so refreshing on a hot summer day :)
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