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"Jong I need you to take me to the airport." Peyton told Jong the day before she, the crew, and Bangtan left for the start of the world tour.

"No you can drive yourself. You are leaving me alone for who knows when you will return. So no." Jong was upset that she wasn't going to have him go with her. He was also upset that she wouldn't be able to talk to him every day that she was gone.

"Jong please? I'll try and bring some of my grandmother's cookies that you really like." Peyton was bribing him and she hoped it would work. She was always bribing him with cookies. That was his weakness.

"You better bring some or send it when you have the chance. If you don't then I'm never speaking to you again." Peyton was so happy that she hugged him and began to pack the rest of her stuff that she need. Mr. Bang told her that he was hoping during the time they were on the tour if they could do a photo shoot in each country they would be at. For the world tour they were planning to got to USA, Canada, Europe, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, and the back to South Korea for one more concert in Busan.

They were leaving at 3:30 in the morning and Peyton figured to that she would stay up and not worry about sleeping besides on the plane. Which was a bad idea sense she was out of energy to even stay awake. She was up at 5 that morning to meet up with a client at last minute. Peyton worked with them all day until 6 that night. Jong and Peyton worked on the photos that she took until it was 10 o'clock, which was 2 hours ago.

"You can sleep and then get up an hour before you have to leave." Jong told her sitting on her desk.

"I know but knowing me I won't be able to wake up. So that is why I am planning to stay awake until 2 and then meet them at the airport." Peyton said sitting down on her pink chair leaning her head back.

"What time does the plane leave?"

"4 in the morning."

"Damn what a hard life."

"You have to get up early to take me or you can stay up with me like old times." Peyton looked at him and smiled. Thinking about how they would stay up past dawn and then go to school tired as hell. Jong was thinking the same thing, but he realized that even though they would be up before dawn she would leaving for a few months.

"I wish I could go with you." Jong said depressed.

"Well I spoke to Mr. Bang and he told me when we come back for the concert in Busan. Where I am on one side of the stage and you would be on the other side taking photos." Peyton explained to him.

"Hm, that would be awesome to work together." He told her.

"We already work together."

"True but taking photos together instead of working in the safe building with different clients." Jong explained more on why he was happy to really work with her.

Peyton smiled and then the spoke more on she was looking forward to this long trip. She told him that she was just happy to travel again and maybe seeing family. Peyton called her mom a few days ago telling her that she might stop by with a group of boys. Her mother told her that she would be really happy to see her daughter and the boys that she was working with. Peyton's mother made sure to tell her daughter on what to pack and what she needed.

"Mom I know what to pack and ill have Jong help me if I forget anything." Peyton told her mother.

"I know you do dear, but it has been awhile since the last time that you have traveled." Her mother reassured her. The two talked for a few more minutes before her mother told her that she had to go. Looking at the clock that was on her desk it read 1:30.

"Jong lets head over to my place so I can get my suitcase. Then we can head to the airport." She was tired of waiting and she was growing anxious, in a good way. Jong stood up and grabbed her bag with her camera and camera lenses. Peyton grabbed the second bag that had her computer and other things for the computer and the camera. Peyton got into her car to take it back to her place and Jong followed. When they arrive Peyton went into her house and grabbed her suitcase and a carryon. Before leaving she made sure she had everything along with checking the everything was unplugged and light turned off.

Stepping outside she locked her door and went to Jong's car where he was waiting for her at the back of his car. Opening the trunk, he grabbed her suitcase and put it in for her. Both got into the car and drove off to the airport.

Bangtan were putting their stuff in the van and were loading up. All 7 boys were tired and could not wait until they were on the plane that way they could sleep.

Yoongi was in the back of the van on his phone. He was going through finding a playlist to listen too on the way to the airport. He wasn't the only one that did that and the two younger members sat next to him. Few of the boys went to sleep instantly and the others spoke quietly about who was going to sit next to Peyton. Yoongi acted as if he was asleep but at the same time he was awake to hear what the boys were talking about. Not only was he thinking that he might be sitting next to her but a possible chance that he would be sharing a room with her.

He didn't know and wouldn't know until they arrive in the states. After an hour and half drive, they arrived at the airport seeing Peyton with Jong waiting.

"Hey Noona is here." Jimin and Hoseok said and were the first ones out of the van. They hugged her and Jong was taken aback on what just happened. Of course when he was able to settle himself he was in lala land when he saw how close Jimin was to him. Peyton caught Jong staring and hit him on the shoulder to grabbed his attention from wonderland.

"Hi noona." Jimin said and hugged her some more.

"Hi Jimin you chipper this morning or night whatever you want to call it." She told him and hugged him back.

Jimin laughed and let go of her and nodded to Jong who blushed when Jimin did that. Namjoon called for the boys to grabbed their passport and plane ticket. Grabbing her stuff, she gave Jong one last hug before walking over to grab her plane ticket. She already had her passport.

"You take care and if any of this boys doing anything I will go after them." Jong told her as he hugged her tight.

"Jong I can handle myself you don't need to worry about it. Plus, you won't do anything to Jimin." She told him and stepped away from him.

"I'm more worried about Suga who keeps staring at you and same with Hoseok." Jong said while looking at her and then to the two who were watching her.

"Oh Jong you know I love you right?"

"Yes and I love you too." Grabbing her hand and placed a box in her hand.

"What is this?" She asked ready to open it, but Jong stopped her.

"You remember when you traveled all the time and I would give you something before you left. Well your traveling again and I figured I would start the tradition again. Now you just have to bring me something when you return." He told her and then said good bye to her.

Yoongi stood with the members and watched the exchange. He was curious on why Jong would be giving her a present. Breaking him from his curiosity he grabbed his things and followed everyone into the airport. Peyton caught up when they were checking their bags. Peyton had her suitcase and three bags that she was taking with her. Her camera and computer were in two bags. The third bag had books that she was hoping to read on the 14-hour flight.

"Alright we have an hour before the plane gets here. You can rest or do whatever you want just stay close." Bangtans managers said to everyone and after that he sat down and closed his eyes.

Peyton sat down in the seats that were close to the gate. She grabbed the present that Jong gave and opened it. Inside was a phone case of her and Jong along with Fujifilm camera. She smiled when she saw a note the he wrote.

"I know that you will be gone and lost without me for the time you will be gone. However, I made a phone case just for you to remember me. Also you'll be gone when the day to celebrate 15 years of friendship. The camera is for you to take photos for you and no one else. I want to see how this trip goes through pictures. When you come back we can place the photos all over office." Jong signed the card with stickers and multiple smiley faces. Despite how tired she was; Peyton could not help but smile when she read the note.

"Noona what's that?" Taehyung asked siting down next to her.

"Jong gave me a parent. We use to do this when I traveled as a photographer." She told him while placing the gift into her bag. The phone case Peyton put on after taking off old one off. Peyton thought it was weird seeing her face along with Jong's on the back of her phone. The picture was taken at a concert that they went to three years ago. That was the first photo that he took and he was proud of it. Sitting back in her seat while we waited for the ok to load, she looked to see that boys dance to the song was It's Tricky. Peyton wasn't sure if it was that song, but she saw how much fun they were having. What really surprised her was seeing Yoongi act this way was different.

From the first day that she met Yoongi, she noticed that he kept his distance and always has this coldness from him. However lately he has opened up to her but not much. Peyton didn't have much room to say about opening up to others. As she still held in some information that she didn't want to share. Looking away and closing her eyes, she couldn't help, but feel nervous on what would happen on the whole world tour. She fell asleep only be woken up by the three younger members. Smiling at them she stood and went into the line that was checking pass ports along with the tickets.

Once on the plane, Peyton happened to be sitting in between Yoongi and Hoseok. Her nerves highlighted some more. She knew that she was nervous for the world tour, but she had no idea why her nerves highlighted when she sat down next to Yoongi, who had the window seat.

"Peyton if you need to sleep you can use oppa's shoulder." Hoseok told Peyton when he sat down next her. Peyton gave him a smile and looked straight to only see Jimin who was turned around in his seat looking at her.

"Noona you want to sit up here? That way Hobi isn't being a pervert." Jimin asked her and glared at Hoseok.

Hoseok glared at him and stuck out his tongue in a childless way. Seeing this scene playout in front of her, Peyton couldn't help, but laugh.

Yoongi sat there watching the whole scene from the window. When Hoseok sat down and told Peyton to use his shoulder to sleep, Yoongi couldn't help, but clench his fist into a ball. Which didn't help as he grew jealous of when Jimin tried to get Peyton to sit up with him. However, when she laughed and told both of the boy's no he felt relief wash through him. Sighing he placed his head on the window and put his phone on airplane mood to listen to music.

Peyton did the same and eventually she closed her eyes and was fast asleep. Her head landed on Yoongi's shoulder. He turned his head and smiled. He thought to himself on how Peyton was always asleep when she was near him. Yoongi looked back out the window and slowly relaxed as he fell asleep.

While both of them were asleep the other members couldn't help but take a photo of the two. The members that took the photos were the three youngest members whom thought it would be funny to ruffle Yoongi's feathers. They meant no harm though they thought how funny it was when Yoongi got angry.
I apologize for the long wait. After chapter my life got really busy to where I was only able to write a little each day. Any who here is chapter 5 I hope you enjoy and a loss don't forget to check out Yoongi's new MV for his Mixtape.

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good job....only note is that photographers do NOT delete the photos from their memory cards. When an event is over and the photos downloaded, the card is labeled and the card put away. A new card is then used. The cards are kept just in case anything happens to the photos on the computer or cd. I actually had it happen once. The cd was left in somewhere and the client called for a replacement.
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