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Hey everyone I'm back with chapter 2 but i am need of an important favor what above pic should I use for the cover, 1(original), 2 (pink), 3 (navy), or 4 (black). comment you vote and your opinion of the story so far...

but if you missed the beginning I got you covered you can find Chapter 1 here--->

Clara’s Pov

The next day I woke up in total darkness, curtains closed and no sun peeking through. I thought that maybe I should wallow in some self pity but damn it, I know I am better than that. I stretched got up and drew the curtains back and felt the sun upon my face. I smiled, feeling just the tinsiest bit better. I head to the kitchen and prepare a healthy egg white omelet and some oj, and then head out for a morning jog. Proud of myself that I am still keeping to getting healthier despite the obvious rejection that my so called best friend gave me. I insert my headphones and hit play on music list to help keep it steady. I only run for thirty minutes and feel like I am about to die when I decided to start to slow down my pace and head back to my apartment. As I was getting closer to my apartment, I had a slight mishap...Well really the only kind of mishap that seems to be my eternal curse. I tripped and started to fall and I end up falling into the person in front of me. I feel my face heat up with embarrassment and I get up and bow. “Are you ok? Mianhe.” I hear a familiar chuckle, “I guess you weren’t lying when you said you are clumsy.” I look up into the person’s eyes and I just want the world to swallow me whole. Of course it had to be Taehyun. “I warned you, but are you ok” was what I mutter and went to take a step forward to see if he was injured when I winced in pain. “Really I’m ok but you seem to be injured.” He kneeled down and went to press on my ankle.I bit my lip to prevent a moan of pain to escape. “I’m fine really, it’s just a sprain. Lucky for me I live in this building. Again sorry for tripping into you.” I bowed and took my leave and hobbled to the front of my doors. I turned back and waved goodbye seeing that he was standing there unsure. “Really, you don’t have to worry. You might want to go before people recognize you.” The situation seemed to dawn on him. He smiled and waved by. I entered and took the elevator to my floor. Once inside the safety of my home, I took a shower and started to get ready for work. I wrapped my ankle with an ace bandage, grabbed my lunch and headed out the door. On my way to the hospital I saw I had a few notifications. One from my brother and the other from Jin Woo.
Babybro:Fighting Sis! Thanks for the money. Love you” -You are welcome. Be prepared for this weekend. Love you too. Study Hard. <3 throb: Hi, don’t forget to exercise and eat healthy Fighting.
I look at the text from Jin Woo and feel my eyes getting watery. Why did he decide to lie to me. He could have just said I don’t want to hang out with you. I tab on his contact information and delete <3 throb as his name and put JW. I send a short reply.
Arrived at work and instantly saw three smiling faces of my coworkers and best friends… Emm, Liyah and Veronica. I smiled and wave. As I came up to the nurses station I saw two new faces. “Hello, I am Clara, the head nurse for this floor this month. You two must be the new hires, Emily and Stephanie?” “Yes,” they said, “but why are you only the head nurse for this floor just this month?” “I will be moving to the Surgical ICU floor and ER departments next month. So let me explain what you should expect on the OB/GYN floor. If you love babies you are in the right place and if now you may want to request a different floor, if you think you will become to attached you may want to find a different department to work in…” About thirty minutes later the new girls where be trained by Liyah and Emm as I got down to my paperwork. In between making plans to go workout tonight and meet a personal trainer. I let my thoughts wonder trying not think to hard about the hurt JinWoo’s lie caused me.

JinWoo’s POV

I woke early the next morning and headed to the studio. About 2 hours later I sent a text to Clara reminding her to exercise and eat healthy. An hour later I got a simple response.
Clara: thanks
For some reason just that simple response struck a cord of discomfort in my chest. I could almost feel the coldness from that word. Usually she would respond back with a smiley face or emoticon, and wish me luck and fighting for my day. This one word response did not settle well with me. I was about to respond back when the door open and in walked my bandmates. I smiled and said hello. Seungyoon was playing a song for us to listen to for our new album and I could tell it would definitely be one we would include and I was excited for it. As the another producer came in Seungyoon entered the booth and started his part of the song. I sat back on the couch watching when I heard Mino and Taehyun conversing. “Do you remember the girl from last night,” Taehyun asked Mino. “The one that made us both laugh, and the one with the nice smile?” “Yes that one. I saw her again. She wasn’t lying when she said she was clumsy.” “Wait where did you see her again?” I looked at them. Taehyun had a goofy grin on his face. “Well I was coming out of my building where my apartment is and turning onto the sidewalk when someone fell into me.” Taehyun chuckles at this point. “Man, don’t tell me it was her,” Mino said. “That was exactly who it was. She went to make sure if I was ok and I noticed she sprained her ankle. I went to help her to the door but she waved me off like it was no big deal. Again she treated me like a normal person. That she didn’t even recognize me as a celebrity.” “Tae, she was like that last night too. Did you get her name this time around? We forgot to introduce ourselves last time.” “No, she just went on her way, but I think she knows who I am?” “What gave you that impression?” “She turned once she got to the door of the apartment building. She waved bye and called out to me saying that I might want to go before anybody recognized me. She is so refreshing. She treated me like a regular person.” The smile on Taehyun’s face made me feel a little uneasy. “Well you probably won’t run into her again Tae.” Then Taehyun chuckled. “I think I actually might because she lives in the same apartment building. If I do I am going to ask her out on date.” Wait did I hear that right. He wants to ask out my Clara. No that’s not possible. She’ll probably say no. I am sure he must be mistaken. I look again and was about to ask him a question when Seungyoon comes out of the booth and tells me it’s my turn. I go in and try to concentrate on singing and I messed up a few times. I need to...I don’t know what I really need to do. I am just conflicted right now. One thing is for sure though I need to talk to Clara soon.
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