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This was for yesterday's event, sorry I was late on this.

8/14 : Solar Sunday!!!

Please enjoy our Joined communities 10th Anniversary Count Down Event Join us by making card or comments on the cards we made Below is the link of the announcement cards TOP Com: Here is the link of the announcement card made by Big Bang MoD @KwonOfAKind Here is the link of the announcement card made by G Dragon MoD @BBxGD
For me Taeyang always remind me of …..
Besides allergic to shirt…..
And always shirtless
Yes, sexy body roll…..
I also “LOVE” his voice…I know I know, the gif has nothing to do with his voice, but it come as a "package deal", I think you girls won't mind.
How he caring others, kids, animals. He will be a great Dad and wonderful Master!!
How can we not love him with such a sweet smile. and "Beautiful" person inside & out
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