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min yoongi isn't my bias (its jungkook) but i respect his music, and i listened to Agust D, and OMFG IS IT LIT...... im so proud of army and bts for all there hard work. and if u listend to the whole thing, i really liked 140503 At dawn and so far away.........
if he is ur bias, i really hope u didnt die when u heard his mixtape dropped.......
if u haven't hurd Agust D, LISTEN TO IT!!!!!!!!!! (https://m.soundcloud.com/bangtan/sets/agust-d) theres the whole tape
He is my UB and I literally held my breath for the whole MV and didn't notice until after when I felt dizzy. 😍😢 The whole mixtape is freakin lit.
@warning wow, dedicated fan
The whole mixtape is freaking lit.Favorite song in there is Tony Montana
@KourtneyLourt i that one tooooo
Him and Yankie slayed my whole life with that song