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So, as we all know, Suga's (ahem Agust D) dropped his mixtape today and we all lost our minds! I listened to the mixtape (still am tbh) and I've already got my favorite songs! 1. 마지막 (The Last) 2. So Far Away (close second!) 3. Tony Montana Honorable Mention (only bc it's short): 새벽에 (At Dawn) Also I liked the Interlude: Dream, Reality! I have limited Korean but in his skit was that really him just ordering food lol I'll wait for the translation but that made me laugh. Anyway, what's you guys' favorite? Tagging: @MadAndrea @kpopandkimchi @SimplyAwkward @amobigbang (I need to get a tag list together because this is all I can remember so far lol)
Couldn't find the original screenshot but basically I'm Poussey and Suga (ahem Agust D) is Crazy Eyes lol
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It's hard for me because I like all the songs. But I think my 3 favorites besides Agust D in no particular order are Tony Montana, So Far Away, and Give It To Me.