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trap 1
trap 2
trap 3
trap 4
trap 5
trap 6 for girls
trap 7
trap 8 am pretty sure everyone knows this
Traps - 9
and worst of all
trap 10
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#9 the other one is from maid sama
@KareenCelestin Well to be fair, in the orignal Japanese Haku states "I am a man." Despite this Haku is revealed to be around Naruto's age. Meaning the age was a lie. Haku also admonishes Sakura purely for her gender remarking how women aren't needed in the ninja world. Haku even speaks about casting aside all that he/she is in order to serve Zabuza, in the world where he/she just mentioned women don't belong. Because of this, I and some others online believe that Haku is in fact a female, pretending to be a male so she will be taken seriously in the ninja world.
I don't think number 8 counts... she is techinically female at that point.