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What's up guys!! I am so excited about this. Welcome back to another 'Lovers Game' with MONSTA X!!!

If you don't know how this game work, don't worry I'll explain it real quick. Skip this part if already know How to play: So basically its a choose your own path game. Every day you will have a chance to pick a specific thing(like for this day, you're choosing who your lover will be.). You'll receive 3 points for each choice you make. The choices will be random and you have to keep whatever you get(that's what make it fun). There's also going to be doom choices where something not so good will happen and you'll miss out on getting points. I decided to add this in for a little extra fun lol.
But for today you'll won't have to worry about getting anything bad. Just choose a flower and tomorrow you'll find your lover!!
Flower 1
Flower 2
Flower 3
Flower 4
Flower 5
Flower 6
Flower 7
Comment Your Choice!!! This game will last 5 days. So please try to stay constant in your answers. Remember to have fun!!! :)
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flower 3
Flower 3
I love flowers♡ Anyways, flower 3 please.