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Create Your Own Adventure!!! Boys Republic

1. As a new assistant manager of Boys Republic, you're excited to help out with your first photoshoot. However, your perfect day isn't going as you hope it would. Its hot and you can tell everyone is uncomfortable in the building. A. Do you run out and get water bottles for the group and crew from the store across the street. B. You bear with it and figure its part of the job. Everyone else has likely been through this before, so no need to fret about it. *If you chose 1A, please continue on 2. If you chose 1B, please read below **Everyone immediately leaves after the shoot. They quickly returned to their dorms for a really honest cool off. Its up to you and other managers to go report the incident to the company. Then you can go home. Its not really what you expected on your first day, but it could've been worse. I going to chose A. I wanna make a good impression
2. The idols and some the crew suggest a day at the beach they noticed a beach that was nearby on the way in. A. Its too crowded, and not safe for the idols. You suggest its better to go back to the company's building. Then you'll order food and drinks for everyone, which the other managers agree with. B. You cannot disappoint the boys, so you go to other managers to convince them to let the boys go. There is a lesser known beach that surely be fine for a short visit. *If you chose 2A, go on to 3. If you chose 2B, go on to 4. Im going to chose B because the boys need to have fun lol
4. You let the crew and idols play at the beach, but beach goers take notice of who is there. They begin to flock toward them. They begin to swarm around the group. A. You leave the boys to the fans with a certain degree of separation. You let them interact with them, such as talk to them, take pictures and sign some of their stuff. Even doing this, they are having fun at the beach. Once they are tired out, you call it a day. B. You let the boys greet fans, and do a impromptu sang and dance performance for fun. You decide its time to leave before it gets out of hand. * no matter what you chose, go on to 6. I chose B
6. You come back to the company building with everyone happy, but they are tired and hungry. A. You ordered for everyone. B. You send everyone home with a thanks for their hard work, and then give them some small snacks for the road. *If you chose 6A, go back to 3. If you chose 6B, everyone thanks you for the fun day, afterwards takes the food and then heads home content. Im going to choose A. I wanna be a good assistant lol
3. You returned to the company building. There was ordered pizza and ice cream waiting for you all. Once everyone started eating, somehow a friendly food fight starts after other managers leave to check in with their bosses. A. You scold everyone and begin to clean up after you send them off to get clean up. B. You have everyone help clean up before they can go get clean themselves. That way you won't get in trouble on your first day. *If you chose 3A, go on to 5. If you chose 3B, everyone helps clean up, then go on to clean themselves. Even though you clean up, you received a harsh scolding that you were trying to avoid on the way out. Its not much of a fun day after all. I chose A.
5. You noticed the idols have came back down, and was trying to help you clean up. A. You thank them, but send them back to get cleaned up. B. You let them help some, but then insist they go get cleaned up. Thanking them for their help. C. You laugh at their messy appearance, and let them help clean up. While cleaning, you were teasing them a little for their messy appearance. You thank them for their help, and then send them to get cleaned up. D. You tease them a little, while throwing food at them. You jokely blame them for your troubles on your first day. After the another small food fight takes place, you thank them for wanting to help clean. Even though, it was nice of them, you insist they go get cleaned up because they were a mess. You didn't want any more trouble because of the mess. E. You make them promise you a meal for next time, without the food fight. You promise them that They're not in trouble. You send them to get clean up, while you clean up their mess before they would get in trouble. *You can chose any letter but you chose which member it represents because that letter would be the member who ends up staying behind to give you a hug and a special thank you. I choose E. It represents Sunwoo!! I get a hug and a special thank you omg!!!
@MelissaGarza Ur welcome!!! I loved playing!!
Oh wow! I love how your adventure turned out. Thank you for participating. (I would pick Sunwoo too 😉)
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