I just got home from work. I' ve been waiting all day to finally watch this!!!
OOOOOOOKAAAAAAAAY so I just finished watching it and I only have one thing to say...that STD part got me LOL that was the only thing that made me laugh. The rest of the song was lit and the MV was gooooooood. Young you just want to become my bias in BTS don't you lol but Jungkookie still has my heart.
In my opinion I feel like Yoongi cussed more than Namjoon but then again it's because Namjoon tries to sneak it in there but Yoongi you're just like FUCK YOU BOI!
What are your thought on Agust D? Did you like it or did you think it could've been better?
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I love this song already
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I thought I was the only one about the STD hahahaha omg
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