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Who: Reader x Kim Minseok What: I guess I can call it Fluff. Story: A/N
You looked at yourself in the mirror fiddling with the dress that you were wearing. It didn't make you look chunky or show off excessive rolls that you thought it would. As a plus size girl, you felt like the world was constantly attacking you and not just because of your size. Your boyfriend, Kim Minseok, had lost a bit of weight; although, he wasn't big in the first place, he had a cute round face but everyone immediately noticed when he'd lost weight from his dance practices and he'd gotten abs too. You couldn't deny he looked really good and you were happy for him but it just cast a bigger shadow on you. Friends and relatives tried to encourage you to lose the weight like Minseok did. To eat less and diet more and to work out. In all honesty, it only stressed you out to eat more. That is, up until a few months ago you stopped eating period. You had moments where you ate small bits of food here and there to keep you steady but you were trying hard to lose the weight. Working out as much as you could and almost passing out from fatigue. Minseok didn't care about your size, he loved you regardless and any time he came home to you, calling you Jagi and telling you how much he loved you, you felt special but strangely you felt like you weren't good enough for him. He was tired of hearing you say some many bad things about yourself. He had pointed it out that you developed the bad habit of picking on yourself just to beat everyone to it and the end result was you feeling worse. Instead he left you a note this morning and this beautiful black dress you were now wearing, the note reading: Jagiya! We're going out to dinner tonight and you will eat. I want you to feel sexy so wear the dress I got you and I'll see you tonight. I'm excited. See you tonight, I love you! He had sent you a text earlier saying he was on his way to pick you up so you needed to be ready. The dress looked good on you and you actually felt....Sexy. It wasn't something you were used to. When Minseok asked you out two years ago, you had gotten ridiculed by everyone because you were bigger than him and he was super attractive and popular. Everyone thought you two didn't fit. Thick thighs and a wide waist wasn't the ideal woman. No a woman that was probably pressured into starving herself until she was the right size with perfect measurements was the ideal woman. You just wanted to be happy the way you were. For a while, growing up you noticed the slight unappealing nature you had towards men because of your thickness and at first it didn't bother you, you kind of liked being thick it didn't make you feel all that bad. As you grew up, the ridicule became more frequent and harsh so you started to hate it. Minseok asking you out not only surprised you but had a greater backlash by your haters. Minseok was attractive, popular, he had his ridicule for his cute round face that you liked a lot but even still he wasn't really chubby. It always made you wonder what the hell did people expect from others? Why do women and men have to be a certain size just to be seen as attractive? 'People don't look at the right things'. That's what Minseok had told you when you asked him why he thought you were beautiful, after the third time you rejected a date from him. He said, "People often look at the outside and make that their decision on what's beautiful. They don't look at small features that are attractive; they don't look at the person's personality. Personally, someone that can make me smile and laugh and comfort me when I'm sad is more important to me than someone that looks like a perfect doll." "Yeah I can imagine talking to a doll would be quiet boring. They never say anything back but I hear they are good listeners." you joked. Minseok laughed at you, "See that's why I like you, you're beautiful and funny." he said. When he called you beautiful, you could feel a tingle rush through your whole body. He made you smile and feel good and that was more than you could ever ask for. He had been by your side for so long and loved you the same without falter because he didn't care about your physical appearance, that's not what defined you, it was your heart, as he like to say. He admitted he liked your legs anyway and he loved to grab your hips. When he saw them, it was the first place his hands went before he wrapped them around you to give you a hug. He'd grip them a little tight so you could really feel it. One time, you caught him biting his lip when he did it and it made you laugh. All those warm memories of you two together and him loving you more and more each day made you smile at yourself in the mirror brightly. You looked down closing your eyes trying to stop yourself from smiling too much. "No don't hide your smile I like it." you heard behind you. Your head popped up surprised as you looked at the reflection in the mirror to see your boyfriend behind you. He smiled at you, not the big gummy smile he usually wore, it was more of the closed mouth smirk that suggested he had other things on his mind. His eyes slowly taking in the sight before him. Tracing your body slowly all the way up to your hips They stalled there for a second before he looked up at your face. The smile getting bigger now and becoming a little more sweet rather than seductive, "Well hello sexy." he said. You turned around to look him in the face and he shook his head turning you back to the mirror. He wrapped his hands around your hips and leaned against your back, his chin rested on your shoulder. "I want you to see how sexy you look. You're amazingly beautiful I'm so lucky to have a girlfriend as beautiful as you." "Minseok stop it you're gonna make me blush." you said. "I hope so, I love that face too. I love your laugh and your smile, I love your heart, and I love you, too much for words to explain. There's no formula in existence that could properly measure how much I love you." You chuckled, "My boyfriend the modern day Shakespeare. 'How do I love thee let me count the ways'." "Ah my girlfriend, sexy but lacks knowledge in poetry. That line 'how do I love thee' came from Emily Browning not Shakespeare." He said poking your nose. "I know I was testing you." "Right." he laughed. He let you go and walked across the room to the closet. He was still in his casual clothes and you could tell by the dress he picked out for you that it was going to be a fancy date. He was looking for his suit and started to undress. "Minnie why are you doing all of this?" you asked cocking an eyebrow curiously. You were still admiring yourself in the mirror but you caught sight of his toned shoulder blades and stared at him as he continued to dress. "Why shouldn't I do this for the one I love? Making you happy is my job, plus seeing your smile turns me on." he said. He chuckled at his own low seductive tone. You turned around to him crossing your arms. He had his dress pants on and was buttoning up his white dress shirt as he walked over to you. You were about to sit on the bed when he had finished buttoning his shirt, his hand gripped your hips making you lightly gasp. His mouth covered yours in the most sensual kiss that brought you to life. He crawled on top of you on the bed. Minseok wasn't known for taking his sweet time with you, he was usually very straight forward with how he felt about you. So, when he wanted you he never tried to hide it. He wanted you now but as he pulled away regretfully he smiled at you making you smile back. "I'll have to wait til later tonight for that. Let's go." he whispered lowly against your lips. He climbed up off of you and you sat up pulling down your dress that had ridden up your thigh to reveal your black laced underwear. You saw Minseok clench his teeth when he spotted it and he looked away trying his best to get you out of the room. You quickly fixed it and stood up and he grabbed your hand to walk you out of the apartment. You two ended up going to a really fancy place whose name you couldn't even pronounce. The light brown wood work went nice with the black that framed the door ways and the black granite counter tops at the tiny bar section by the window. The tables were small and round with white table clothes covering it. The table you two were led to had four chairs at it. Minseok pulled out a chair and pushed you in once you sat down. "You'll sit next to me." he said. He took the seat next to you and you looked at him curiously, "Minnie what's going on?" you asked. "We're having dinner with Kris and Luhan." he said looking back at you. "Oh why didn't you tell me, this dress is a bit revealing for a dinner date with your bandmates." you said. "That's the point, I want to show you off because you're so sexy." he said biting his lip. His hand met your thigh under the table and he bit his lip. He gave it a tight squeeze and you inhaled trying to ward off the tingle shooting through your body. You looked away from him and you could hear him say, "Uh uh, let me see that sexy face of yours." he whispered in your ear. "Minseok stop it we're in public." you blushed. "So what?" he chuckled, his hand moving up your thigh slowly. You looked back at him a little shocked and you stopped his hand but his other hand cupped your cheek and he kissed you. You chuckled through the kiss, all thoughts of everyone else watching you two were gone. A slight clearing of the throat came pulling you two apart from each other. Kris and Luhan were standing before you two. You blushed and looked down quickly apologizing. "Don't apologize they could've waited till we were done." Minseok laughed. He stood up releasing your thigh and giving the two of them a hug. "It looked like you were about to eat her for dinner Minseok." Kris said sitting down. "I might have had you two not shown up. I am starving." he chuckled. The innuendos were killing you and made you blush harder. Luhan chuckled a little, "I think you're making her nervous." he said. "You two are making her nervous she was fine just a second ago." Minseok said. "I apologize Y/N we didn't mean to make you uncomfortable." Kris said politely. "No it's alright you're fine." you said looking up for a second then at the menu. Luhan and Minseok started up a conversation but you could feel Kris' eyes on you. Your dress was a bit revealing, you didn't care so much if it was just you and Minseok eating out that was fine but with his coworkers you became more self conscious. You fiddled around with your dress, pulling the spaghetti straps farther up your shoulders so that the fabric covered your chest and smoothing down your dress compulsively. Your eyes were still on the menu but you could feel his eyes still on you. Your dress kept sinking back down to reveal cleavage and your arms wrapped around your stomach feeling as though the dress was now something you shouldn't have allowed yourself to wear in public. Minseok's hand went back to your thigh when the waiter came over to take your drinks. Everyone said what they wanted and the waiter left. Luhan and Kris started talking but his eyes always shifted back to you during the conversation. Minseok turned to ask you what you were going to eat. You had just gotten so uncomfortable that you didn't want to eat anymore. Minseok knew you well though, he knew you had probably skipped breakfast and lunch earlier that day and filled up on water and maybe a power bar after exercising but nothing after that. He shook his head at you now looking serious. "You need to eat." he said. "I eat enough already." you said sadly. "Liar. Y/N I want you to take care of yourself skipping meals isn't taking care of yourself. Look at me." he said. You were looking down but when you looked up you caught sight of both Luhan and Kris' eyes on you. You looked at Minseok quickly. He must've gotten louder and drew their attention. "Get something from the menu that sounds delicious Jagi I can feel your hand shaking. I'll feed you like a baby if I have too." You looked at him sadly, "Why?" you asked. You didn't really have to elaborate on what you were asking he already knew. The first year of your relationship you had been slightly insecure about everyone talking about you but he made you comfortable. When he lost his weight though, losing that cute round chubby face of his and getting a sharper manly face, you started to feel the insecurities come back. He noticed it right away because he knew you so well. For the past few months, you had asked him this question and he never truly answered it the same but the meaning behind it always was. He loved you and that didn't change just because he did. Minseok was still Minseok whether he had the round baby face with pinchable cheeks that you liked or the manly sexy face that his fans enjoyed; he was still the same. He just gained muscle. You had lost a few pounds and you were proud that you weighed less than before but the harder you tried to lose, the more your insecurities sank in. You were changing little by little and he didn't want you to change at all. "Y/N if you want to lose weight that's fine I'll support you. I'll eat healthy with you, I'll take you to the gym with me but what I'm not going to support is you starving yourself. You're sexy the way you are, everything about you turns me on. I never once asked you to change. Fans say mean things sometimes it's not something I can change although, I wish I could but I would never change you. How many times do I have to say I love you before you'll believe me?" "I do believe you." you answered quickly. "Then why are you allowing everyone else to decided your worth to me? Why are you allowing everyone else to say that you and me don't fit when we both know how we feel about each other?" "Minseok." "Y/N I'm all yours, I love you how you are. I don't want you doing silly things like that. So eat with me okay." He said before pecking your lips. His hand squeezed your thigh, somehow he always knew what to say to you. You never had to question whether he loved you or not but you always did. The conformation kept you steady, it reminded you of what you had. The waiter came back and everyone ordered before Minseok's eyes landed on you; everyone waited for you to order something to eat. You looked up at him and you knew he wouldn't let the waiter go till you ordered something. He wasn't lying, he could feel your body shaking and you were hungry but you didn't know what you wanted. "She'll take the same thing as me." Minseok said. You sighed thankful he spoke for you. The waiter wrote it down and walked away. "I love you jagiya." Minseok whispered. "I love you too Minnie." you said. "Y/N is there a specific reason you wore that dress?" Kris said still staring at you. You noticed where both Luhan and Kris' eyes settled. Your eyes widened and Minseok chuckled, you pulled up the dress again. "It was a request, although I'm starting to regret it." "I think you look sexy in it." Minseok said. "You really do look good Y/N." Luhan said. Minseok laughed, "So good you can't stop staring at her chest Lu-ge." You looked at him laughing at Luhan and Kris was still staring because your dress had fallen down again. "You set me up." you whispered to him. "I told you I wanted to show you off. Besides it's nothing too inappropriate, they can look all they want I don't really care. If it makes you uncomfortable I'll give you my jacket to cover yourself up." You held your hand up at him shaking your head. You crossed your arms, which didn't make the situation much better because it just made your chest more noticeable. Minseok's hand trailed up your waist as he moved closer to you. He rested his head on your shoulder. He kissed the side of your neck a little before his chin went back to resting on your shoulder. "The food is really good here isn't it Lu-ge?" he said. Luhan nodded while he took a sip of his water looking away from you two. "Minseok we get it your girlfriend is hot, can you please stop rubbing it in?" Kris said looking away agitated. "Oh you guys think she's hot too, you must want a taste." Minseok said. You looked to Minseok with wide eyes. "Minnie what are you saying?" "They should be honest, they want to eat you up as much as I do right now. I'm sure they'd love to try." He chuckled at the scowl you gave him. Despite the suggestive nature of his words, he still sounded like a cute little kid joking around when he laughed. It didn't help that his smile made him look innocent as hell. How could he say all these things around his friends? It was so indecent. Minseok didn't truly care and you caught in his eyes that he truly was hungry for something other than food. That look always alerted you and made you tease him until he pounced but you were not about to entertain that look in a public place. His hands gripped your waist tighter causing you to squeak and he laughed again. Luhan and Kris bit back smiles of their own, there was something in their eyes as well. You didn't completely believe it at first. Kris and you didn't argue a lot but you two mostly kept your distance from each other. You always assumed he didn't like you and you didn't seem like the type to get Luhan hot and bothered but for some reason, as they both sat in front of you right now, their eyes were radiating with lust. You looked at Minseok, "Um Minseok." you said uncomfortable. He leaned into your ear and said, "I wouldn't dream of letting them touch you unless you said it was okay." "It isn't." you said quickly. "Good, you know you only belong to me." he said before kissing you deeply. The next clearing of the throat that broke your kiss came from the waiter. He brought your food out and once the food was set down in front of you, you dug in. You focused your energy on eating, too red in the face to attempt to look at the other boys at the table. You could feel Minseok looking at you as you ate. He kissed your cheek but didn't break you from eating probably scared that you'd stop. He took good care of you and you were thankful that he didn't care how you looked or how much you weighed; he loved you because you were you. The rest of the night carried on back and forth with the guys acting awkward when Minseok brought attention to your body. Minseok enjoyed showing you off to them getting them to openly admit that you looked sexy in the dress he had bought you. He was proud of you and that gave you a warm feeling but inwardly you were planning revenge. Especially when he crept his hand up higher into your dress and made you shiver. He laughed while you tried to hold back any other sounds that were attempting to make their way past your lips. He was impressed by your endurance of his slow torture and as he headed out the door with you he whispered he was going to give you a reward for being a good girl and eating. Boy did he give you one hell of a reward, laying you down on the bed and making a mess of you almost all night. He had you crying his name and you could hear him moan yours between hot pants. The way his tongue traced your entire body and his hands caressed your hips sent you two over the edge multiple times. At the end of the night he whispered, "I love you sexy." You could only chuckle and whisper back, "I love you too handsome." The next morning you woke up to a phone call from your girlfriend telling you to turn on the TV and hurry. She gave you the channel number and you turned it on to an interview with Minseok along with the rest of the Exo-M members. You smiled seeing him up there, this was taped a few weeks ago you knew because his hair was darker. He had dyed it light brown just recently. You heard him say during the interview "It really sucks that a lot of people see this one perfect version of how a person should be and I don't really believe that. A lot of people gave me some hate because I had a round chubby face and I happened to have lost a lot of weight because I was practicing so much. Instantly, people were telling me I was too skinny so I couldn't really find a balance of where I should be. Fans didn't want me to be too fat and then they didn't want me to be too skinny." Minseok laughed. You looked at him feeling bad because you remember those times. You read those comments and just felt disgusted that people who called themselves fans would say something like that to him. Then when he did lose the weight others were concerned he wasn't eating well, he was eating just fine actually you had made sure he was. Still, he had maintained his weight loss from practicing so much. The interviewer asked him about the backlash that came with you and him dating since he confirmed his relationship with you. "There were times I was really scared that she would leave me because she'd look at me and ask me why I was in love with her. She always said things like I could find someone better than her, someone that looked beautiful next to me and someone thinner and I always hated that she said those things to me. I always felt like she was trying to push me away from her but I realized quickly that she was hurting, she really thought that she was a burden to me and the fans calling her fat and ugly just hurt her even more and it really hurt me too. I think if you're a true fan deep down you'll be happy that this woman makes me happy everyday. When I'm at work I'm thinking of her, I talk to the guys about her, I can't wait to go home to her. Someone that special in my life is someone I don't ever want to leave my side because she makes me so happy and she makes me laugh and smile and I think that's more important than the number on a scale. I really don't care about insignificant things like that love is love and I love Y/N for who she is. So to the many fans out there, if you care about me please stop saying such cruel things to her I love her a lot and I don't like seeing her upset, or sad." You had sat down to listen to his answer looking at the TV in awe. How were you lucky enough to have a man like this in your life? He did so much for you, he took care of you and he loved you despite what anyone else said. You called him immediately trying not to give away that you were crying and when he answered he called your name happy and sweetly, "Y/N-ah!" "I love you, you idiot." You said in the phone, your voice slightly cracking. You heard him chuckle, "I love you too. I had fun last night jagiya." "Yeah me too pabo." "Why is my baby girl crying?" "I'm not crying." you said wiping your eyes. He laughed a little, "I can hear it in your voice. Are you okay?" "I'm fine, I saw your interview and I just wanted to tell you I love you." You could hear the smile in his voice, that big gummy smile he was famous for. "Don't leave me Y/N you're my whole world I don't know what I'd do without you. So promise me sexy, no matter what anyone says or does you'll stay with me." "Pabo- I couldn't ever leave you. I promise I'm not going any where. I love you." you said. "I love you too. Come visit me at work when you get a chance Jagi, I'll give you a little treat." "Is your mind always filled with that stuff?" you laughed. "What can I say you bring it out of me. Don't act like you don't want me too." You and him both laughed over the phone. "I have to go now baby, I love you sexy." he said. "I love you too."
Guys!!!!! Otakon is over and I'm back home and back to work. Like I said my mind has been attacked by constant story ideas so I guess my hiatus wasn't really a hiatus or at least it wasn't very long. I got a good response to do the one short and a lot of people thought Minseok and Junmyeon would be good leads. I did get one for Kihyun who wasn't on the line up but I very much want to write for him so I decided Junmyeon and Kihyun will have their own one shots and be apart of what I'm calling the P.H.A.T collection (Pretty Hot And Thick). I hope you enjoyed and I hope these next few stories will be good. (Hunters ch.9 will be updated Tuesday!) Thanks for reading ~BabydollBre Tag list: @kpossible4250 @jaysbae13 @princess2425 @Tiffany1922 @Anna5221 @VKookie47 @yaya12 @Starbell808 @kisashimizu16 @Mrsax2018 @dchapple45 @matty0203 @loljan17 @priscy513 @Izzy987 @Elizabeth1234 @reyestiny13 @Kimnam94 @elishafisher @griseldazenger @Alyessiazavala @Parktaemi @sarahdawish @JaxomB @Queenlee @JessicaEvaristo @emilycayetano @herosbells @JasmineGregory @Animezkpopgirl @Xionheart @isisMayaVelasco @Melissagarza @makidabebe @orihemay @Queenlele @KpopQueenabee @sierrakuper @PrettieeEmm @ScarletMermaid @senia @JordanShuler @hobisactualgf @AlexisRiver @StefaniTre @selfishmachines @AdeleLynn
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