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Everything was amazing UNTIL the end. Even though the second leads were annoying at one point it was understandable. There wasn't a character I did not like. One of te reason why I started this drama was because of their strong and diverse cast. Vic Zhou as Qi Wei Yi (戚偉易)
Park Eun-hye as Zhao Shen Shen (趙深深)
Andy Hui as Zhuo Jun (左鈞)
Megan Lai as Mi Xiao Guang (米曉光)
Kingone Wang as Yellow (黃至燁) All big names! From Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea. It was one of the most touching drama I've seen and everything was beautiful until the last couple of episodes where they threw in a typical ending. It could have been perfect. I had a lot of hopes on the writer to make it a memorable one. I would watch this again but I would skip the last episode.
Despite the disappointing ending the OST made up for my discontentment. They have one of the best original soundtrack.

Fashion King

Once in a while I do like watching fashion genre dramas. It's fun to see characters go behind the scenes of making clothes, coming up with ideas and breakthrough into the real word. I like that type of development with a teeny tiny bit of romance. When I heard Yoo In Ah was cast for this drama I was interested. I wasn't a big fan of his acting but I find him enjoyable to watch in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. So, why not! Half way through the drama I was dreading so horribly because the relationships in the drama become so complicated and not so relatable anymore. Honestly, the plot sucks. The beginning was okay but the ending got me angry. It just didn't made sense. I won't ruin it here but it was like the threw in a Great Gatsby out of nowhere.
By the way, I just realized this was Lee Je Joon's first drama as the second lead. He was still a newbie at that time. This make my point of a good script will make the actor shine. So, even though he's a talented actor this drama was not one to highlight that.

What was one drama you had high hopes for but failed you at the end?

@destiny1419 Nice! I'm always down to watch crime dramas. Well, thanks for bringing it up! I just looked up the synopsis on dramawiki and why am I not surprised it's from tVN? lol they always have genre like this. Thanks again. :D
it's a crime drama @cindystran and I believe it is based on true events
@destiny1419 Yeah, I really wished Surplus Princess had a better ending. It was an entertaining and fun drama to watch. Is Gap Dong a historical drama?
@szewwy Dream High 2 was meh. I do like Reply 1994 but I'm on the same boat with you. I was rooting for the other guy. Although, it makes sense why she choose went with the other one lol. I'm being very vague here (just in case some people haven't watched it yet).
I dream high 2 as a whole was kinda meh (but everyone is always hard on sequels) and I still really like 1994 though.
@destiny1419 Yes! I actually forgot about that drama until you mentioned it. Everything was amazing until the seemed unfinished.
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