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If you're a long time drama watcher or just started your adventure in drama land you will notice one thing. Relationship dramas always have something to do with parents or grandmas.
As you know I'm currently watching Better Man (Taiwanese drama) and I realize how it's not typical for a grandma to be so supportive and encouraging. So, I got this idea to compare drama grandmas ( K vs. TW)!

Is that meme relatable? I bet!

Don't get me wrong there are lots of cool grandmas in K-drama. However, the most stereotypical one is always the controlling and traditional type. "No, you can't date her." "Her family background is not suitable for you." "I have someone in mind for you."

Does that expression look familiar?

She's a very very popular grandma in Taiwanese drama. Most of her role is always the nice grammy who is supportive of her grandson. In general, T-drama grandmas are quirky, loving, and fun.
- They usually fake fainting to grab attention from their son or grandson.
- Always bug their grandson about dating and getting married. - Acts like a child and likes to joke around. You RARELY get an annoying grandma who opposes your marriage or one that is so tactic about getting rid of their grandson's girlfriend.

Any thoughts?

@biancadanica98 Another k-drama sweet grandma is from Shinning Inheritance haha. If I remember correctly. It's the drama with Han Hyo Joo & Lee Seung Ki.
I really liked the role of the woman in the second gif in Love Around
Yes, I agree the grandmas from kdramas are very traditional and stick to who they believe their grandson deserves. While T-drama grandmas are funny and insist that their grandson find a nice young lady. That grandma that you used for the T-drama example also played in Love Around and she was fun loving and always happy trying to make her grandson happy. The only nice grandma I've seen in a kdrama that is actually a recent drama was Beautiful Gong Shim, she didn't care about her family background. She just wanted to know if she was kind and caring enough to be with her grandson that she loves. So sweet, I loved her! 💜
Oh my gosh this card is life. Yeah I have noticed this so much
@cindystran It was so easy to please her. All they had to do was help her to get to the next level of candy crush😂
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