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I'm going to sum it up but click the link above for their full explanation :)


(this theory was made before Fantasy came out!)
Hakyeon is Zelos. He inflicted the curse of the evil eye on Leo because he’s jealous that Leo stole his girlfriend.
Leo wears a bandage on his hand for every performance which is the same hand as Hakyeon's evil eye cursemark.
At show champion Hakyeon said Leo’s bandage is very important to the year long concept. He didnt expand from there though!
Hakyeon has confirmed they crashed Leo's wedding and that there is a Hakyeon/Leo rivalry.


At the elysium concert, VIXX (vaguely) explained the Fantasy plot:
“The goddess was kidnapped by the god of Death from a mortal man. He has to go to the underworld to get his love, and he has a coin to go through the door to it. Can he reach Elysium, the paradise of peace?”

I'm 100% sure that this is set BEFORE Dynamite and we’re travelling back in time.

Following from what they said at the concert, Hakyeon is MORTAL. Leo is HADES. Contrary to past thoughts, Hakyeon is not Zelos. The goddess is the girl Leo stole from Hakyeon in the Dynamite mv.
Throughout Fantasy MV, Leo is shown to be in completely different/opposite settings from the others, he is in the underworld.

They are trying to reach him. I believe they are going through Hades labyrinth.

KEN is the mastermind behind getting Hakyeon to retrieve the goddess. He is the one directing Hakyeon throughout the MV. KEN IS A GOD. not sure which one. Ken is directing (manipulating) Hakyeon.
I believe he has ulterior evil motives to do with Leo, and he is just using Hakyeon as his ship to sail him into the underworld~ how do i get this thought?? in come Ravi and Hongbin:
Ravi, Hongbin and Hyuk(?) are the subordinates of Ken.
Hyuk for some reason really doesnt want to be there, I'm sure we’ll find out in the 3rd part of conception. Hyuk can be seen handing something to Hakyeon (the wedding invite for dynamite)

Hyuk and Hongbin also have an angel/devil on shoulder scene with Hakyeon.

Hyuk tries to defer Hakyeon from the path that Ken has set him (the door to the underworld), but Hakyeon is too full of envy and jealousy:
Ravi and Hongbin take Hakyeon's blood for a potion. They get Leo's bloodand create the EVIL EYE POTION.
I believe KEN has told Hakyeon this is the love potion(? maybe?). WRONG ken is evil!!!! This is the evil eye potion, he wants Leo CURSED AND GONE.
I said in my previous analysis leo has an evil eye under his hand from Hakyeon, now we see it: Ken made Hakyeon put the evil eye curse on Leo, and in turn, Hakyeon got the curse himself.
Also the ending story shot is Leo and Hakyeon suffering alone and the Ken and his 3 guys stood together. They succeeded. The curse has been placed.

Reasons I believe this is set before Dynamite:

- They are cursed with the evil eye in this mv
- They never went thru the door (dynamite/underworld is thru the door)
- They destroyed leo in dynamite so how can he be alive now?? lol
Seems like the 3rd part will tell us how it all started. What Ken has against leo, how leo stole the goddess, why Hyuk is betraying Ken...



You can watch both Dynamite, Fantasy, and the Trailer above^^

Have you heard any awesome theories about this!?

I wonder what would happen if I made this a fanfic 🤔
That was a mouthful. Still trying to understand the plot, but I get the overview
Oh my god!! I was just begging for theories about Dynamite and Fantasy as soon as I watched the MV for Fantasy. And this theory....It's so good!!!! It makes total sense!!!! Now I have to go and rewatch both MVs about a hundred times to totally compare the theory, but from what I remember, the theory is so far spot on!!!! Oh thank you for showing us this!!!!! My heart is finally at peace :3
Looks awesome and makes a lot of sense! Alright I'm on board!
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