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@saharjalpari9 I used to goos at drawings and basket ball, but my parents told me stop those and concentratw in study. but anyway what I commented about is just a joke ;)
@tapsamai9 mostly parents think like dat bcs it hard 2 succeed in those professions but we can always prove it to them that we can do it thgh ;)
@saharjalpari9 and what if we cannot do it ?? Would you ever think like that ? :(
No I havent but if we cd succeed in the profession that we don't have the passion for then we cd def succeed in the profession that we r passionate about anyways whatever u do the important thing is mkng your parents proud and they will be proud as long as they c thr kids doing their best and working hard that's how parents are they might be strict on u but they love u 馃槉
@saharjalpari9 i agree with what you said !!