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When his mom brought home a baby Leo was only fourteen. His eyes widen and lit up at the sight of the little bundle of joy for the first time.

“Leo this is Yuki. We’re going to be looking after her for a while." His mom spoke as she let Leo see the baby. He was such a softy when it came to children.
"I’m sorry sweetie," His mom spoke hesistinatly. "I need you to look after her for mommy.” She said as she handed over the child. Leo carefully took the child in his arms. She was so little. Her fingers gripped his causing him to smile softly at the bundle in his arms. He felt an instant protectiveness come about him. 

“I will.” He promised his eyes never leaving the child. His mother smiled fondly at her son. He seemed so cold but really he was tendered hearted. She knew the baby was safe with him.
"What's her name?" He asked as his mom handed over the small bag of supplies he would need.
"Her name is Yuki."
"Where is her mom?" Leo asked. He knew better than to ask about the father. He knew first hand what they where like.
"She's, working." She spoke slowly. Leo frowned but didn't say anything.
"I know it's not right of me to ask you to do this." She spoke and Leo shrugged indicating that it was no big deal. He would do anything for his mom.
"I know I can trust you with her." She kissed his cheek and promised to be back later. A year passed with Leo watching over the child. It wasn't long before she was calling him Appa. It was her first word. He tried to teach her Oppa but she seemed to refuse. Yuki clung to him wherever they went. Even if she wasn't his, he felt that he was the child's father. 

She hadn't left his side since she was placed in his arms.
*End Flashback* 

A squeal reeled him from his thoughts as Yuki came running in. She jumped onto him and stuck her tongue out at the boys. Leo was surprised. She had never been so open with anyone but him before. She was usually so quiet. Even when he did take her to the play ground, she was shy and kept to herself. 

“Alright enough!” Hakyeon ordered. “Boys go get ready for supper!” They tried to protest but one look from the elder had them scampering off down the hall. 

“Why don’t you two come sit at the table?” Hakyeon spoke and held a hand out for Yuki. She took his hand but with her other grabbed Leo’s. Leo’s body moved on instinct following Yuki. They sat down and Hakyeon placed the dishes down. It wasn’t long before Hongbin and Wonsik joined them. They ate in relatively silence all too focused on the food on the table. Leo made sure Yuki ate first and gave her the bigger portions. She had a big appetite. They had been starving for quite sometime so he wasn’t surprised. Leo couldn't help but feel guilty feeling as if he had failed her somehow. He hated to see her suffer in any way.
As she ate her last bite her eyelids began to droop. She climbed a top Leo and snuggled into him. Almost instantly falling asleep. Hong bin and Wonsik let out big yawns themselves. Hakyeon ushered them off to get ready for bed and began to clean up.
“Joesonghada.” Leo apologized. It was so quiet Hakyeon almost didn’t hear it. 

“Ani! It’s alright. The little one is sleeping! Don’t disturb her.” He waved him off. He then went to check that the boys where getting ready. They where already in bed and falling asleep. Hakyeon gave them a kiss on their foreheads before closing the door behind him. 
“I have a spare room you can use.” Hakyeon told Leo as he walked back into the dinning kitchen area. Leo blinked sleepily and nodded. Carefully he stood making sure Yuki wouldn’t be disturbed. She hadn’t fussed a bit. A sign that she was out for the night. Leo followed Hakyeon down the hall to a room. It was simple and not much to it but Leo didn’t care. Hakyeon grabbed some bedding from the closet and quickly set it up for the newcomers.
Carefully Leo laid Yuki down and made sure she was covered before sitting down himself. 

“Here.” Hakyeon held out a medicine bottle for him. Leo stared at for a moment before taking it. He drank it all before making a face. It was nasty! Hakyeon chuckled and took the empty bottle from him. 

“It’s nasty but you’ll feel like new tomorrow.” He spoke. 

“Thank you.” Leo told him making eye contact. 

“It’s nothing. Get some rest. I’ll see you in the morning.” Hakyeon smiled as he closed the door.
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