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What's up everyone!!!!! Are you having fun on our day 2 celebration of BigBang??? Well let's not stop the party and let's have fun on our Maknae of the group, Seungri!!!!!
This little trouble maker of a panda has some explaining to do!!!!! Since he pretty much snatched me away from Daesung, I can't but help but to love his cute self!
Seungri + Panda= I see no difference!!!!! Uuuummm..........exactly what is that oppa????
Wait, Seungri, I didn't know that you were a flower boy. Hold up, who are you getting dolled up for? Awe, are those flowers for me??? How thoughtful of you!!!!
Uuummmm.........I think you're not supposed to talk. (or grab!!!!)
Our little honeydew melondrop is now all grown up in this mv!!!
Love this panda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This bad panda is sneaky!!!!!
Bigbang anniversary!!