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So, day 2's question was really hard. Like seriously hard. So I picked my top 3 favorites!
Sekaiichi Hatsukoi! Its super cute and ive rewatched it countless times now. I really love the cute relationship between Onodera and Takano - and I adore Yokozawa, I love all of them!
Hybrid Child OHHH. OHHHH THIS. Ive watched (and rewatched) it, and its a heartbreaking beautiful tale, and the saddness I feel, and the happiness I get when I heard the ending song and recall every story makes me remember how much I loved watching this.
Kono Danshi Series Lastly, we have the entirety of the Kono Danshi series. Everysingle one is adorable. Thats all. Ive watched them ALL. Heres all the titles "This Boy...Suffers from Crystallization, Can fight Aliens, Can do Magic, Caught a Merman"
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