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In Korea, liking other groups isn't encouraged.

(~I'm not saying this is a good or bad thing, just different from how international fans enjoy kpop!~)
Often at music shows, you aren't allowed to cheer for other groups if you came with a fan club (which is how you have to get into the shows 90% of the time)
Some fandoms are more relaxed, but at the end of the day you should only be faithful to one group, you should only call yourself by ONE fandom name.

The whole "I'm a SHAWOL, Starlight, ARMY" thing doesn't exist in Korea for Korean fans.

It might for international fans, but never Korean.
If you SWITCH fandoms or join a new one, you really have to switch. You can't suddenly love your old group and then also call yourself by the new fandom name.
Remember that Korean fans put a lot of personal time and money into the fandom. Buying albums, streaming to help the songs chart well, etc. Not that international fans don't do this as well, but in Korea its a big deal.

If you had to choose only one fandom to belong to - which would you be in?!

For me I would consider myself a Starlight.

While I love sooooo many groups, the only group I really devote my time to is VIXX. Yes, I love BTS but I'm much muuuch more devoted to my 6 insane little VIXX kids.

What about you!?

Honestly if I lived in Korea I would just be like "f that. I'm gonna love all these groups cause they are all talented and u can't tell me to love only one". Like how am I supposed to choose!? BTS, Exo, seventeen, Bigbang, day6, got7, block b etc... They are all so talented and amazing people!!
Tbh I'd rather die 😂 I feel like that holds back from liking other groups and liking a ton of music I mean music is the big picture right? Music is supposed to be liked if you feeling the song it doesn't matter who the artist is, but if I honestly had to choose it'd be between got7 and bts my problem is I can't choose 😂
Props to Korean fans because I couldn't do it! How do you have all this amazing talent and then just be able to choose one??? If I had to choose it would be GOT7. There's a reason why I shamelessly say I'm kpop trash, I love so many of them and could never choose just one!
Ugh... *dies a little on the inside just thinking about this* 💔 I think I'd have to choose IGOT7. They're my UB group. Heck, even in the V app, GOT7 is the only group I have level 3 in. I am seriously a Pokemon style kpop fan though. "Gotta Love 'em ALL!"
Oh no fucking forget that I'm wayyyyyy too invested in this shit I ain't giving up all ma bands, I like so many of them exo seventeen astro girls generation cosmic girls girls day mamamoo stellar Oh my girl monsta x bts got7 f (x) shinee
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