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so I'm on instagram and I saw that YG himself posted this leaving fans every where to wonder which of his lovely artists are gonna come out with a new song and well I'll be the first to say that I need some more 2NE1 even if they are sans Minzy and I totally wouldn't mind Winner showing off some new songs for us....... just saying but who do you guys think is coming back with a song Tagging @PassTheSuga @twistedlove @poojas @RobertMarsh @Roxy1903 @jiggzy19 @MattK95 @aabxo @StephanieDuong @sherrysahar @VeronicaArtino @veeyang5 @LiNaHyun @AmbieB @AimeeH @kpopandkimchi @KpopJunkiesTV @KpopGaby @amobigbang @ashleykpop @BBxGD @BrandiEvans @BluBear07 @B1A4BTS5ever @ChelseaJay @catchyacrayon @DestinyGLove @JiyongLeo
its definitely not 2ne1 as much as we want it not yet i would love it if its winner defintely need a new winner song too can it be bobby's solo already well thats quick lol I am excited and hyped to see this <3 <3
lol @sherrysahar me too I'm always excited when YG says someone is releasing a comeback
CL announced a new song coming, so maybe it's hers?