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This is our 4th week of the naruto community battles!!! This week were kicking it off with Natsu VS Sasuke! These 2 are extremely powerful but who will win??? Well that's up to you guys!! Vote below!!! You guys know both characters well enough so I believe you guys need no introduction this time on their strength and power! Anyway, can't wait to see your votes!!

Last week the third Rikage won the battle of the Rikage!!

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It's going to be Natsu because you put a main character with a side character. I mean if it was Sasuke against Gray then maybe he would most likely to win. ( ๑‾̀◡‾́)σ»
what if.....he could EAT them....ya didnt think about that...now did ya....yea i didnt think so. according to the main character logic 1 main characters ALWAYS win. unless of course it guildarts laxace or erza. and 2 main characters have a wierd eating addiction. much like me. HOLY CRAP AM I A MAIN CHARACTER. probably not cuz my life is boring but oh well. am i off topic i tend to do that a lot. i think i might have a problem. maybe adhd but idk im not some doctor. what if i was a doctor. id be cool like dr stein from soul eater. nah hes a scientist. but if hes a scientist why do they say DOCTOR stein. so technically scientists are doctors....but for nature....
well natsu could eat sasukes katon attacks and maybe even his chidori so all hes really got to worry about is his speed and the sharingan/rinnesharingan so im gonna go with natsu
Natsu Is gonna win no doubt! I mean C'MON! Whenever Natsu fights he always end up getting strong and defeats his foe! (Except for Laxus O.O theres something about Laxus xD) Natsu all the way!
Smell that? It smells like a Death Battle
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