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Hello Hello Hello... KPopBeat here with the continuation of the declared fanfic WWIII.... Now if you remember right a couple of days ago I was attacked by @Sailynn with her completely incorrect story Sweeter Than Suga
Now I am not much of a fluff writer and those of you who have read my stories notice the pretty big fluff slack.... but since @Sailynn is a fluff writer... and she wants to challenge me... I decided to give my fluff writing skills a shot.
Now.... as you have all noticed this is a story about G Dragon... now my dear @Sailynn is a huge BigBang fan... but she refuses to show love to poor Jiyong Oppa... so naturally. I decided to make her a nice little love story featuring the guy. I mean how can you hate GD!??!?!?
*Clears throat* Anyways. This is just a sweet little number I came up with.. with my dear friend in mind. I hope you all enjoy it... *I personally hope i dont only get 10 likes next to her 135.... talk about a lost battle.......* But then again I am trying the fluff thing so only you all can help me get the upper hand!
Well on with the story!! ENJOY!!!
Awkward… That is the only word she could use to describe her current situation. Sailynn laughed nervously as he reached out his hand to accept hers. A quick glance at Jojo was all she needed to realize she would never live the moment down no matter what choice she made. With a pained smile she reached out and accepted his help to move to her feet. The redhead next to her chuckled darkly and pulled out her phone. ‘To take pictures for blackmail later no doubt.’ Sailynn wondered for the millionth time why she kept the evil woman around her. ‘That’s right, she pays half the rent’. She rolled her eyes and let Jiyong lead her to the dance floor. To say she was shocked when he had asked her instead of her fiery unfazed Eonnie would be an understatement, but that was how this week had been going. He paid her unneeded attention, he brought her gifts and he would talk Jojo into getting everyone together for a hangout.
They had only been in Seoul a couple of months, but it had only taken Jojo one to weasel her way into the kpop scene. She liked to hang out with BigBang the most and though she claimed aloud that it was because they were all her age, Sailynn knew better. Sailynn was BigBang trash… there was no way around it. She would cry when she attended concerts or fan meets… She would hop around screaming like a fangirl when Jojo would surprise her with more merch. There was no doubt in her mind that Jojo just wanted to silently watch her squirm.
“If you keep scowling like that people will think I am holding you hostage.” The soft voice in her ear brought her out of her thoughts, and her face flushed a vivid cherry color.
“Sorry.” Was all she could manage. What else was there to say? ‘Hey I don't like you and your overly fashionista self’? Or ‘I don't like the added attention. Why do you keep bothering me’? Or better yet… ‘You and Jojo should go scam someone else… I would rather spend my time with Tabi Oppa….’ she chuckled softly to herself and became slightly aware of his tightening grip around her waist.
“And what might I ask is so amusing?” Jiyong looked down at her curiously his lips curled into that smirk that made fangirls worldwide weak in the knees.
Sailynn let out that smile Jojo so kindly liked to call the ‘stupid nervous smile that makes me look like a clown smile’. “Nothing.” she laughed.
“Really?” Jiyong leaned down to whisper in her ear. “Because that face seems to tell a different story.” his breath tickled her ear and caused another nervous laugh to escape her lips.
Sailynn pulled back on instinct only making Jiyong laugh and smile brightly at her. “Don’t worry, I won’t bite. Unless you want me too.” he winked at her and sailynn shuttered. If it wasn't for the million and one eyes on them she would have flirted more with the thought of kicking him in the shin.
Jiyong spun her around letting her get a good look at the ever smirking Jojo swaying to the music and enjoying Sailynn’s pain. She would have to plot some way of getting her back for this… but now? Now she needed to figure out a way to escape without making the media go nuts over her rude gesture to the mega popular kpop idol.
“Planning your escape?” Sailynn looked back at the amused Jiyong. “The fight or flight instinct is written all over your face.”
“No it’s not…”
Jiyong shook his head to stop her from going on. “No need to try and talk you way out of what I already saw.” Jiyong sighed. “Am I really that bad?” he raised an eyebrow at her curiously.
“It’s not that you are bad.” Sailynn let her eyes fall down go their feet watching his move in confident steps. “I just don’t see you like that.”
Jiyong laughed and nodded his head. “Any way I can change that?”
Sailynn's head shot up at the question. “Why?”
“No particular reason, I was just curious.” Jiyong spun her one last time as the song came to an end. His hands finally released her and they both bowed to each other. “sadly I have things to attend to. Enjoy the rest of the party, I look forward to our next date.” He flashed her a bright smile and turned to head over to a crowd of onlookers.
“Ooo! Did I just hear something about a date?” Sailynn spun around to face the voice, only to be met by a ‘I caught you’ grin from her roommate.
“Shut it Jojo, that is not what he said” With a huff and a roll of her eyes sailynn made her way back to the others at the table.
Jojo sat on the bed her legs crossed a chocolate bar hanging partially out of her mouth as she watched Sailynn pace around the room. “I mean, that was rude right?” She finished ranting throwing her hands in the air. “He never should have said that, and what did he mean by ‘Any way I can change that?’?”
A soft muffled laugh could be heard through Jojo’s chocolate bar.
“Did you just laugh?” Sailynn stomped over to the bed and let her face fall into a pout.
Jojo shook her head and tried to quickly finish the candy in her mouth. “No…. I did… no such thing.” She held up her arms in an X pattern. “I was just thinking that it seemed like you cared an awful lot about him hitting on you.”
Sailynn’s eyes grew round her jaw hanging open. “He was not hitting on me! And I am not over thinking what he said.”
This time Jojo didn’t even try to hide her laugh. “Look, there are only two reasons a guy will ask a girl if there is any way he can change her seeing him as just a friend. One being he is lacking confidence and wonders if he has the ability to move up like that, this option next to never happens, or two he is interested in the girl and is flirting with her.” She paused a thoughtful look covering her face. “We know Jiyong isn’t exactly lacking in the confidence department, so I would say he was hitting on you.” She nodded her head a smirk breaking out as she admired her own deductive skills.
“No. Just no.” Sailynn shook her head violently and threw herself down on the bed. “There is no way that Jiyong likes me. That isn’t even possible.”
“Then are you saying he isn’t a confident being?”
“No I am saying you just don’t know how to read guys.”
Jojo threw her hand over her heart and looked at Sailynn in mock shock. “Oh how your words hurt little one.”
“So mean!” Jojo pushed at Sailynn’s arm. “I am the only Eonnie in all of Seoul that gets no respect from her little sister.”
“Well maybe you should do something to deserve respect.”
“Oooo don’t take your frustration over not being able to confess to Jiyong out on me!”
Sailynn rolled over and glared and the smiling Jojo. “I do not love Jiyong. I have no reason to confess.”
“Ah… but my love. There is a fine line between love and hate, and I am thinking you don’t hate Jiyong.”
With a snort Sailynn rolled over and pulled the blanket over her head.
“Yah! This is my bed! Go sleep in your own!”
The building was bustling and for the millionth time that morning Sailynn wondered how Jojo had not only talked her into coming with her to YG Entertainment, but also how she had even gotten access to the building. “Come on! They are waiting for us!” Jojo happily waited at the elevator for her to catch up.
“What are we doing here?” Sailynn asked grumpily. She hadn’t been very excited to come see the guys after the conversation she had had with Jojo just a few days before. What if... In the off chance… Jojo was right and Jiyong liked her? She shook her head and laughed to herself. No, there was no way he would like her like that. She was more of a little sister… yea that was it.
“The guys wanted us to come hang out today. They said they have something special for us.” Jojo beamed, enjoying the look of torment on Sailynn’s face. “Come on! Let’s hang out with them for a while and then I will treat you to lunch.”
Sailynn looked at Jojo for a moment then nodded her head in agreement. “Fine, just an hour then you owe me lunch.”
The girls stepped into the practice room and were immediately met with welcoming bows and smiles from the BigBang members. “About time you got here Noona!” Seungri ran up to greet Jojo. “Hyung has something special planned for today.”
“Oh? What are we doing today Oppa?” Jojo asked Taeyang curiously.
“Singing of course.” Taeyang continued to explain their plans as he, Seungri, Daesung, and TOP all pushed Jojo towards the door headed for the recording booth.
Sailynn stood in amazement. She had not only completely ignored when she entered the room, but now she had been forgotten. She huffed angrily and decided to follow them and give them a piece of her mind when she felt a tap on her shoulder. A squeak rang out in the room as she spun around only to be met with the amused gaze of Jiyong. “Where are you going?”
“To figure out where my eonnie escaped to.”
Jiyong laughed. “Well before you head off to meet up with them in the recording studio would you mind listening to something for me? I need an opinion.”
Sailynn hesitated for a moment before deciding it was stupid to worry about fake facts Jojo had created. “Sure. What is it?”
“A new song I'm working on.” Jiyong lead sailynn back to the computer and motioned for her to have a seat in the chair next to his.
She tentatively took the headphone from him and placed them over her ears. A moment later music started playing. A soft ballad filled her ears and Sailynn was taken back. Usually Jiyong liked more hard hitting tracks but the melody was sweet and soothing. She smiled to herself as she listened all the way through. She couldn’t help but be curious what kind of lyrics would be added to the song.
As the song ended she looked up to find Jiyong watching her reaction curiously. “I like it.” She stated simply. “What so the song going to be about?”
Sailynn stared at him her heart betraying her as it started to beat quickly. She knew her face was probably red again and she turned to look away from him.
“Are you still going to deny me?”
She was at a loss for words. How do you respond to that? He had written a song for her… and even though she wanted to deny it her heart was screaming loid and clear the emotions she kept locked away. “Maybe.”
Jiyong smiled softly and moved in closer to her. “Maybe? That doesn’t sound like a no to me. So I still have hope?”
Sailynn rubbed her sweaty palms on her jeans and licked her lips. Could she still deny him? Was Jojo right when she said there was a fine line between love and hate? Did she hate him? She looked back up just as his lips moved to find hers. The kiss was soft despite how frantic her mind had turned, but despite the little voice in her mind telling her to pull away, she kissed him back. His hands reached out to pull her closer and she swore he would be able to feel her heart trying to beat right out of her chest. She wanted to run but her body seemed to be melted into the chair and even thinking had become difficult. Her traitorous arms reached out to wrap around his neck and he responded by tugging her closer.
“Well isn’t this the most cringe worthy sight I have seen tonight?” Sailynn jumped back causing the chair she was in to roll backwards a bit.
“It’s sweet.” a male’s voice responded.
“cheese is not sweet.” sailynn looked up through her hair she had decided to use as a shield at the smug faced Jojo and starry eyed Daesung. “But cheese is her thing.” Jojo laughed and nodded her head before grabbing Daesung and turning to head back out the door. “Excuse our intrusion. As you were.” she winked at sailynn as she exited the room.
Jiyong let out a long laugh. “Well guess we were busted.” he turned his million-dollar smile towards Sailynn and reached out to pull her closer.
She blushed vibrantly and bit her lip. Letting him lead her into another sweet kiss.
Maybe there is a fine line between love and hate. Maybe sometimes the wires get crossed and you just end up confused. She didn’t really know... But what she did know was that she was willing to find out if he was.
Well? What did you think? Should I give up on fluff and just kill her with emotions next time?
@Sailynn ... the ball is now in your court missy. I'm curious to see what you will come up with next time. I have already started to think about my counter attack if you come at me again... be prepared missy...
Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope you enjoyed it!
Until Next Time Loverlys!!!!
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Trying to keep it PG 😒😒😒😒
Series!! :)
@FromBlue2U to be honest i have never written a smut. my mark one shot has a little bit but nothing much. and what you say @Sailynn... should I make it into a series?
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@FromBlue2U *brainstorms mischievously thoughts*
I thought it was so cute, but imma need you to kick the smut factor up a notch. this should definitely be a series!
@Sailynn. not gonna lie... i just snorted I was laughing so hard. how do you know you wont get along huh? ever met the guy? nope didnt think so.. so dont go deciding you wont... and hey... i dont see Yoongi like that... so it's only fair :P
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