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It was a late afternoon everyone had gone out to eat together. As they all went home, Jin had gotten distracted by a store selling 'Mario' merchandise so he went inside to explore, but hadn't told the other members. The other members continued walking home as they got to their dorm, they noticed Jin was missing. Namjoon panicked and tried calling Jin, but realized Jin had told him to hold his phone for him while they were eating. Yoongi patted Namjoon on the shoulder, "Namjoon he'll find his way back we weren't far from the dorm." Hours later it was 11:00 pm. The members began to worry as Jin hadn't come home. Thoughts ran through Namjoon's mind, "Had Jin gotten kidnapped, or had he just went out a little longer..?" Hoseok decided to go out and look for him, all the members followed along. They all split up and searched for Jin back at the restaurant, the park, and almost everywhere they checked there was no sign of the pink princess. Namjoon yelled in frustration as he just wanted to hold his precious Jin. All the members gave him a hug. Jungkook spoke out in a determined voice, "Maybe he returned back to the dorm and just snuck in!" They all rushed back to the dorm and searched every room. Still no sign of Jin. Jimin and Taehyung called out for Jin outside. Jungkook and Hoseok had called for Jin around the streets of Seoul. Namjoon and Yoongi stayed back at the dorm waiting seemed like hours and hours. Waiting, is all they could do. Yoongi looked at Namjoon, he said in a stern voice, "I've never seen you so worried before." Namjoon laughed and brushed his hair with his hand as he looked out the window, "well my Jin is out there, lost I can't give up." Suddenly, the sound of Namjoon's ringtone sounded. Namjoon quickly answered even if it was an unknown number, he just hoped it was his precious princess Jin calling for a knight to save him. Namjoon quickly said, "Hello? Jin is this you?" A soft voice answered back, "Namjoon why do you sound so worried?" A tear ran down Namjoon's cheek as he recognized the voice, it was Jin. Namjoon quickly replied, "Jin where are you? Tell me now please!" Jin laughed a bit as he said, "I had told you I was going to check out the new shops near by. Did you not hear me?" Namjoon laughed and cried a bit. The front door opened all the members were back and coming in slowly in his pink soft cloth sweater was Jin, Namjoon's pink princess. Namjoon hugged Jin tighter than he ever had before as he cried for being worried hours after hours. Jin kissed Namjoon's cheek. "Brave knights do cry sometimes and that's okay," Jin said as he smiled and wiped Namjoon's tears. Namjoon smiled back at Jin as he knew he made the right choice to love Jin. Namjoon kissed Jin directly on his soft pink lips. All the members cheered and laughed as they joked about it. They all headed off to bed relieved that Jin was back and safe, but he wasted all his money on 'Mario' merchandise and food.

Typical Jin.

Hope you enjoyed Part 3! Sorry for late timing!

Part 4 coming out soon!

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LOL that sounds like me. Getting distracted by something and being gone for hours 😂😂😂. Loved it! 😄💖💖
@Lexxcisco I'm so happy u loved it!