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Hiya guys! I'm sorry I couldn't put this up on Saturday but school starts on Wednesday and I've been out all weekend trying to get ready for it, but enough of my excuses I am posting this card (and the next card.) to appreciate the members of seventeen. This card is Mr. Memegyu.
Here are a bunch of videos of mingyu being mingyu. He's so precious and he needs to be loved so here love him, appreciate this little precious boy.
Enjoy these pictures of my smol little bean. How does he look so gosh darn good all the time????
And finally have some meanie to heal your hearts.....
Lucky carat squadeu: @IsoldaPazo @Mikim000 @VatcheeAfandi99 @CosmicCassidy SVT tag list: @EwSeungkwan @ChelseaJay @MrsJungHoseok @MirandaKawahara @ChelseaGarcia @Minimanim3 @Anna5221 @MelissaGarza @TheEnlightment @AdeleLynn Part two is coming and it's an appreciation card for the actual sun OK? ā˜€