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I haven't made a card in a while and I wanna reintroduce myself to everyone here so please ask me something and get to know me! The Questions: 1. Who is your favorite male anime character? 2. Who is your favorite female anime character? 3. What is your favorite anime soundtrack? 4. What is your favorite anime opening + animation? 5. What is your favorite anime ending + animation? 6. What is your favorite anime scene? 7. If you could meet an anime character who would it be? 8. What anime character is most similar to you in terms of personality? 9. What is your favorite thing about anime? 10. What is your least favorite thing about anime? 11. Who is your favorite anime couple? 12. Who is your favorite anime animal? 13. What anime would make a good game? 14. What game would make a good anime? 15. What was the first anime you ever watched? 16. Do you think you鈥檒l ever stop watching anime? 17. What is your favorite genre of anime? 18. What is your least favorite genre of anime? 19. Are you open about watching anime with people you know? 20. Have you ever been to Japan? 21. What anime was the biggest let down for you? 22. What anime was better than you expected? 23. What is the best anime fight scene? 24. Who is your anime waifu? 25. What was your favorite video game as a child? 26. Most embarrassing moment somehow related to anime? 27. Do you watch anime at night or throughout the day? 28. Have you ever pulled an all nighter watching anime? 29. What anime do you regret not watching sooner? 30. What anime food do you most want to try? I'm really like these questions actually, I really feel like I can bring a certain depth of analysis to this awesome community!
@MissHitachiin forever and always Tomoya Okasaki and Nagisa Furukawa from Clannad/ Clannad Afterstory. They are the real OTP. My heart literally cannot even.
@Mcboss the hardest question in the world for me is probably this one haha, so many taught me different things but the one that made one of the biggest impacts in my life, especially starting out in this world, would be Death Note!
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Nice!!! Both of those scenes are pretty sick XD
13 and 14
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Crazy that you said that. I was just at game stop the other day and I seen an advertisement about Psyco Pass coming out with a game here soon, was so pumped when I saw that!
@otakukpoper probably when my mom walks in at some very ecchi part of an Anime when I was younger. Now I don't even care tho lol
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