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Disney isn't know for creating realistic body proportions, but this cosplayer did a fantastic job of taking Meg from Hercules and portraying her with realistic (and probably accurate to the Roman period) body proportions! And I think I'm in love!

Just look at this.

The cosplayer & costume creator said the following:
"I'm not overly fond of the parks design, so I decided to make a dress that was a little more faithful to the movie's design while still retaining some realism."
Her name is Ginger Liz & you can find her on facebook here!
More on how she created the costume:
"The dress is made out of matte satin from JoAnn, which drapes and photographs beautifully! I drafted the 11-piece skirt pattern myself, and it is hemmed and finished as professionally as I can muster. French seams for daaaays~

My favorite part of her whole cosplay might be her wig though!!

She says the wig is a Jeannie ponytail wig in Mahogany with an additional long curly clip from Arda, and boy, does her styling look amazing!

I won't say I'm in love...

but I think I am!
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Beautiful just beautiful 😍😍😍