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~ Translation via jeonsify! ~

Here's a sample of lyrics from Suga's first single:

***explicit language ahead***

"fuck you I’m a pain in yo’ ass

too far from the sugar"

"I’m a freak lunatic on the beat"

"I haunt down those who copy the copiers

get em’ down no matter who the fuck they are"

"a bum or a wack and I fack

and I carve the history on this ground

rappers so beat I always get to fat dick ‘em"

"I’m so fly bros are sick of me

jealousy and whining making all this noise"

"hey ho i don’t give a fuck when you fuck around

you simply dig a hole to bury yourself alive"

"hey ho you can’t take me

all ya fried rappers should be thankful for I’m an idol"

"jealous and childish you scream yet you don’t know shit"

"it’s me who took your shit sorry boy

the way you fuck things up got some class there boy"

Swag on Suga, swag on.

Is anyone else shocked by his mixtape?!*

*please note, im incredibly proud of Yoongi, I made this for laughs^^
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I love his mix tape, it describes everything about my life in just one song, I want someone just like him, someone that understands me. I LOVE MIN YOONGI
I'm not even surprised by his mixtape, especially cuz his favorite phrases seem to be: Shit or Don't Give A Fuck, Don't Give A Shit. it's in NeverMind, at least one of the Cyphers, and somewhere else. Now it's in his Mixtape. Besides RapMon is the same way. his mixtape had a lot of explicit language and then he says Shit in I Need U and I think one of the Cyphers as well. Honestly with how swag they are I would be surprised if the mistakes didn't have curses.
@SerenaArthurs you should watch the mv and listen to the mixtape. it's basically an autobiography of his life, specifically his childhood make into song.
I did, I listened to the whole thing and cried.
@SerenaArthurs honestly I laughed when I read the translated lyrics. I felt sad when I found out what the songs were about but reading the translated lyrics are funny to me.
I'm proud he has his own solo career so he can vocally say what he wants while still having fun with his BTS boys.