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Chapter 20 is here, yay! It's time for the amusement park. Thank you to everyone reading, liking, clipping, following, and/or commenting.
Disclaimer: Many of the characters aside from BTS are made up. And, of course, I don't know BTS personally so their personalities are probably mostly fictional.
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Oh, and Agust D's (Suga/Yoongi) mixtape dropped and it is freaking BAD ASS!!! I've been listening to it all day. In case you haven't heard about it (I'm not sure how that'd be possible considering my feed is flooding with it) check it out!!! I'm so happy for him to have it finished and out. He should be so proud of it, it's amazing.
Beginning: Chapter 1
Previous: Chapter 19
Word Count: 3973 (this one's exceedingly long)
Warning: May contain mild language
Narrator POV
Nina and Rose pulled into the packed parking lot of the amusement park. Nina checked her makeup in the visor mirror again.
You’ve done that every time we’ve stopped at a light. Knock it off. You’re beautiful, he’s going to think so too.” Rose teased.
He? He who?” Nina asked, poorly pretending to have no idea what Rose was talking about.
You know who. Don’t even bother pretending. I can see right through it. And if I, the dense one as you put it, can see it, then it has to be true.” Nina sighed as she folded the visor back up.
You’re right. But that’s the problem. I never fall for the nice guys and they never fall for me. And the ones I think are nice guys turn out to be assholes who can keep up a good façade for a short time.”
But he is a good guy. You like him and I saw that he likes you.”
Either he’s not really a good guy or he doesn’t actually like me. Those are the only possible conclusions.”
Historically, maybe, but historically, I shouldn’t’ve been able to sleep for six hours without suffering a nightmare or being in one of my coma-sleep things. And yet, yesterday, I slept for almost six hours and actually had good dreams.” Rose was disappointed that she couldn’t remember the dream, even though she knew that that was normal for most people.
Well, I can’t argue with the last part at least.” They both sighed as they got out of the car.
But, we’re at an amusement park so we better put our happy faces on.” Nina smiled at Rose.
True. Gotta get our game faces on. It’s a theme park, it’s supposed to be a happy place. We can’t be the ones setting a bad mood.” They linked arms as they skipped towards the entrance.
At the entrance, BTS waited. Some of them were excited to get started and some of them were understandably nervous. When Rose and Nina appeared around the corner after leaving the parking area, arms linked together, Taehyung ran up to them. He separated their arms from each other and planted himself in the middle, linking arms with both of them.
“Someone’s excited,” Rose laughed. Nina just looked confused. She had only seen Taehyung twice so she was confused by his forwardness. Rose saw Nina’s face and laughed again. “Don’t even bother thinking about it, he’s always like that. Just go with it.” Nina laughed and Taehyung beamed his box smile at her.
Wah! He’s so cute!” Nina exclaimed at his smile. Taehyung giggled as he pulled the girls along. When they reached the entrance, Taehyung nonchalantly steered Nina to stand beside Jin, and Rose, being pulled along for the ride, ended up next to Hoseok. Nina and Jin shifted nervously and refused to look at each other.
Namjoon clapped his hands together. “Everyone ready for some fun?” Everyone responded with an emphatic “Yeah!”, even Jin and Nina. They showed their tickets at the gate and made their way inside. Taehyung started jumping excitedly and pulled Rose towards the first attraction. Hoseok was pulled along when Rose grabbed his hand.
“You can’t leave me alone with him,” she pleaded jokingly. Hoseok was too shocked to respond properly. {She’s holding my hand...} His heart was beating like crazy. Yoongi felt himself getting jealous as he watched them. Namjoon was busy keeping an eye on the awkward couple that was Jin and Nina. Jungkook ran to catch up to Taehyung and “accidently” bumped Jin into Nina. By reflex, Jin grabbed Nina’s arm to keep from falling.
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Jungkook knocked into me when he passed. I didn’t mean to do that,” he rapidly apologized as he straightened himself and stepped away.
“ it’s ok. It was accident.” Nina responded. If they weren’t both avoiding looking at each other, they would have seen that they were blushing profusely. Namjoon was watching though. He couldn’t help but smile at the two of them. He was happy for his hyung. Rose was a good person and if she was friends with Nina that must have meant that Nina was a good person. All Namjoon wanted for his hyungs and dongsaengs was for them to find good partners and be happy. He turned his attention to the other members and saw Taehyung dragging Rose dragging Hoseok, Jimin hanging off of Jungkook’s shoulder, and Yoongi looking around appearing to be disinterested in the entire thing.
“C’mon guys, you’re lagging. Why am I in charge of watching the older people?” Namjoon yelled back towards Nina and Jin, teasing them. They both blushed and Jin decided to take the initiative to grab Nina’s hand and starting jogging to catch up to the others. Nina was surprised for a second before she started laughing, thoroughly enjoying the atmosphere. Namjoon smiled and joined them with the others.
After several rides, some of them started eyeing the snack shops. Jin noticed that Nina kept glancing at the cotton candy stalls. When she wasn’t looking, he snuck to a stall that had no line and quickly bought some cotton candy. Nina was surprised when her name was called and she turned to find a large puff of pink and blue in her face. Jin peeked around the side of the cotton candy, smiling. Nina blushed as she took the cone. “Thank you,” she muttered. Jin watched as she happily started tearing off pieces of the candy. Nina tore off a piece and handed it to him. “You should have some too.” Jin couldn’t stop smiling as he put the sweet fluff into his mouth. Immediately, some of the younger boys started to try to take some also.
“Get your own,” Jin berated them as he put his body as a wall between them and the candy. The boys made a game of trying to sneak pieces of the candy. Just ahead of them, the others watched the small battle, laughing. Hoseok was still standing next to Rose since she wouldn’t let him wander far and Namjoon had just naturally wandered next to her. Yoongi distanced himself by a few feet. All the confidence he’d had over the last few weeks disappeared as he saw Rose with the two of them. Yoongi knew that Hoseok was unlikely to confess, but with the way Rose had kept him close, he was worried about her feelings for him.
What he didn’t know was that Rose was keeping Hoseok there as a sort of barrier to keep Yoongi farther away, not that she wasn’t enjoying Hoseok’s company. Rose hated doing it, but after yesterday, her feelings for Yoongi had become even stronger. The necklace, the falling asleep, the way they fell asleep together, the sense of peace he gave her, her mind was trying to trick her into thinking he might actually like her. She didn’t want to allow that. She knew that he didn’t feel that way and she was afraid that sooner or later, she would be unable to hide her feelings for him. Rose was afraid that if Yoongi knew, that he would feel uncomfortable around her and she didn’t want to lose his friendship.
Hoseok was both enjoying being next to Rose and feeling guilty about it. The selfish part of him loved every time she would lightly touch his arm whenever she would try to direct his attention to a ride or a game. Every time she did this, Hoseok would glance at whatever it was and then turn his attention back to the look of fascination, amazement, and excitement on her face. This had happened several times throughout the couple hours they had been there. One time, though, when he went to watch Rose, he saw Namjoon looking at him. Hoseok panicked and quickly looked back to the ride. {He’s going to find out. Does he suspect? Or does he already know?} Hoseok avoided his previous behavior while Namjoon continued to watch him and Yoongi, who didn’t look happy.
While the younger boys were swarming like piranhas around Nina’s cotton candy, Namjoon offered to buy Rose one. “Oh, no, that’s okay, I can get myself one.”
“No way,” Namjoon dismissed. “You two are our guests, you’re not allowed to pay for anything.” Rose opened to her mouth to protest but Hoseok put his hand on her shoulder.
“Don’t even bothering saying anything, them’s the rules,” Hoseok laughed playfully. Namjoon looked from Hoseok down to Hoseok’s hand on Rose and Hoseok quickly pulled his hand back. Namjoon chuckled under his breath.
“C’mon, hyung,” Namjoon said as he pulled Hoseok to one of the stands leaving Yoongi and Rose in an awkward silence. Namjoon thought that if the two of them were alone for a couple minutes, as much as he didn’t like the idea, maybe Yoongi would stop being in a bad mood.
“Thank—“/“How—“ they both tried to break the silence.
“Sorry. You go ahead,” Rose said quickly. Yoongi was about to tell her to go ahead, but he saw that it would probably continue with ‘you go’ ‘no, you go’ so he decided to ask.
“Umm... I just wanted to ask how you’re After... y’know...everything.” Yoongi asked quietly.
Rose smiled. “I’m doing fine.” That was both true and false. She was still a bit worried about the idea that she could’ve gotten the boys in trouble. And she still couldn’t help but get that warm feeling every time she thought about them falling asleep together. And the thought that Yoongi may in fact be her lucky charm when it came to dreaming. But at the same time, that did worry her. Is she only able to get over her bad memories because of him? What happens when she has to inevitably stay away from him? Her feelings were chaotic and she had no idea what to do about it.
“Ah. That’s good. I was a little concerned that you might still be worried about what Namjoon said. About me getting in trouble. But I just wanted to let you know that you have nothing to worry about. Our manager would’ve been able to take care of any problems. And I would never let you get hurt.” Rose’s heart skipped a beat. “Okay?”
“Mmhmm.” Rose felt a little more assured now.
“Now, what were you going to say?”
“Oh, uh, just, uh, thank you. For trying to protect me yesterday. And for this.” Rose pulled the pendant out from under her shirt. Yoongi felt relieved. Rose always wore some sort of necklace so when he first saw her today, because the pendant was under her shirt, he couldn’t tell if she was wearing it or not. He thought that he might’ve made her feel uncomfortable about the present yesterday. “It’s really pretty and...I really like it. So, thanks.” Yoongi couldn’t help but smile broadly at that. Rose kept her head down as she played with the pendant.
“I’m glad you like it.”
“Good, hyung. You’re in a better mood. I was worried that you’d be a party pooper all day,” Taehyung teased as he latched onto Yoongi. Nina, Jin, Jungkook, and Jimin trailed behind him. Rose let the pendant drop and laughed.
“Taehyung. How do you always manage to make a mess of yourself? You’re a grown adult and yet you’re so messy.” Taehyung looked confused. Rose grabbed a small package of wet wipes out of her purse. She was glad she opted for a smaller purse so she could find everything more easily. She pulled out a wipe and handed it to Taehyung who stared at it still confused. When Jimin and Jungkook joined them Rose handed them a wet wipe also. “Your mouths. All of you have sticky cotton candy around your mouths.” Everyone laughed at the three. “What?” Jimin had a smirk on his face.
“Noona. I can’t see it, can you clean it off for me?”
“Me too!” Taehyung yelled excitedly. Yoongi took Jimin’s wipe, grabbed his face, and started to forcefully scrub Jimin’s face. The others started laughing as Jimin yelped and tried to struggle out of Yoongi’s grasp, to no avail.
“I’ll help you, my dear Jiminie.” Yoongi smirked. When Yoongi finished, the area all around Jimin’s mouth was bright red. Yoongi let go and Jimin scrambled to hide behind Rose.
“You see how mean he is to me?” Jimin pouted dramatically.
“That’s what you get for being a pervert all the time.” Yoongi shrugged.
“I wasn’t—“ Jimin started. Yoongi’s gaze turned to Taehyung. Taehyung immediately pushed Jimin out from behind Rose. The two started fighting to hide behind her.
“Protect me noona! Don’t let him hurt me.”
“Ow—you two—I’m not a shield—stop—you two little—“ Rose was being pushed and pulled as the two tried kept hide. When Yoongi started walking towards them Taehyung immediately pushed Rose into him and took off running. Rose tripped as she fell into him, her head just under his chin, her face in his chest. Both of their faces were bright red.
“Well, I was hoping you’d be in a better mood, but I wasn’t expecting you to be in that good of a mood. Don’t you think this is a little too public?” Namjoon tried to hide the jealousy he felt as he and Hoseok joined everyone else, each with a cone of cotton candy. Hoseok pretended to be distracted by something. Yoongi quickly helped Rose to right herself and stepped back.
Yoongi coughed. “You can blame it on that brat.” Yoongi pointed to Taehyung who was now hiding behind Nina. “He pushed her to buy himself some time to run. I caught her. Don’t get the wrong idea. Just ask everyone else.”
“Why—never mind. I don’t know what we missed but it doesn’t matter. There’s cotton candy.” Namjoon handed Rose a cone while Hoseok switched his with Nina.
“Since they ate half of yours, you can have this one.”
They continued walking around. Nina shared hers with Jin and let the younger boys take small pieces off. Hoseok and Namjoon shared what was left of Nina’s and Rose shared with Yoongi. Rose and Yoongi were both trying to calm their heartrates. Every time Yoongi would start to succeed, he would think about how he felt her warm breath on his chest, how her hands gripped his biceps when she tried to catch herself, how he could smell her sweet scent that he loved, how she felt under his fingers (was that her bra he felt?) and his heart would start racing. Rose kept thinking about how muscular and yet comfortable his chest and biceps felt, how his cologne smelled so inviting, how his wonderful, long fingers gripped the back of her sides, right along her bra line.
When they walked to the game area they all decided to take a shot at some of them. Jin handed tickets out to everybody and they started separating into groups. Taehyung, still trying to avoid Yoongi, pulled Hoseok with him to a ball throwing game. Jungkook and Jimin wandered off towards a fishing game, although they knew Jin would kill them if they came back with a goldfish. Yoongi snuck away to a basketball booth where he had spotted a prize he wanted to win for Rose. Jin and Nina saw a balloon dart game Nina wanted to try. This left Namjoon and Rose to find a game. Namjoon was still a little bit jealous about what had happened earlier, but that feeling was going away as he walked with Rose. Rose pointed to a game where they had to try and throw a ping pong ball into a floating cup.
***one hour later***
Namjoon and Rose enjoyed the games together. They teased each other and generally looked like an ordinary couple. When Yoongi had won the prize that he wanted to get, he looked around for Rose. When he saw Rose and Namjoon laughing with each other, his jealousy bubbled up. If he was just a random person, he would think that they were a couple. It made him angry. {They obviously like each other. Why don’t they just confess and make it official so I can move on! I promised myself that if they started dating that I would back off, but since they’re dancing around it, I can’t even make myself stop}. He clutched the stuffed animal he had won. Part of him wanted to throw the damn thing on the ground, but the other part told him to keep it for her. The latter part ended up winning and he stormed off, angry and hurt but still holding the animal.
When everyone finished their games, they met in front of one of the main food courts. Jin distributed money for the lunches and people took off in various direction. Yoongi volunteered to stay and hold their spot. Rose was the first one to return.
“They ran out of corndogs after mine so Namjoon had to wait at another stall.” Rose set her tray on the table across from him and waited for the other guys to join.
“Umm... Noona...”
“Um... so I was just playing around at some game...and I ended up winning. So, I got this stuffed animal. I don’t really have a use for it, but I thought you might like it.” Yoongi set the toy, which was bigger than her head, on the table in front of Rose. Her eyes grew big.
“How did you know?!” Rose grabbed the stuffed sheep and held it up. “It’s so cute!” She hugged the sheep to her chest and squeezed it tightly.
“I, uh, just remembered you mentioned it when you were helping us prepare for that interview for the English magazine.” He tried to keep his voice steady.
“What? That was over a month ago. How do you still remember that? I barely remember what I said five minutes ago.”
“Ah, well, I guess it just kinda stuck in my head ‘cause it was an unusual animal to like, I guess.” Yoongi started picking at scratch on the table’s surface. Rose squealed again as she buried her face in the sheep again. Yoongi smiled, happy that she liked it so much. His smile faded as Hoseok approached the table. Hoseok was about to sit down at the other end of the table, but Rose patted the spot next to her. Hoseok’s eyes flickered to Yoongi for a split second before lowering them. He brought his food next to Rose. Immediately, the other boys started returning. Nina sat on the other side of Rose, Jin next to her, Namjoon sat next to Yoongi since he had Yoongi’s food, and the other boys sat at the end where Hoseok was originally going to sit.
They were all chattering happily (most of them, anyway) when they suddenly heard a cry of “Noona!!!”
“Ack!” Rose pretended to choke when an arm appeared around her neck. “A wild Jackson has appeared!” Jackson laughed and greeted everyone else while the rest of GOT7 caught up to him. The GOT7 boys made their greetings and Rose introduced Nina to them. They chatted as the people eating finished their food. Yoongi and Namjoon noticed that Jackson was always touching Rose as if he was making sure she didn’t disappear. They also saw Mark standing a little ways off just watching everyone chat but continually looking at Rose.
“Jackson, why are you so touchy today? I mean more than usual.” Rose asked Jackson.
Jackson his arms around her shoulders and rested his head on top of hers. “I guess it’s because someone invited my girl before I could. And now I’ve spent half the day not hanging around you.”
The BTS boys ‘oooo’ed and Rose waved them off “Hey, I’m no one’s girl. Now, get your fat head off of me.” She started shaking her head back and forth. Everyone burst out laughing and the conversations continued for another half an hour or so.
“Can we go on some rides?” Taehyung whined. He was anxious to get on more rides.
“Alright, alright. Chill out.” Namjoon said.
They said their goodbyes and each of the GOT7 boys gave Rose a goodbye hug. Even Mark hugged her, though he couldn’t keep his cheeks from turning pink. Then they separated. Rose, Nina, and the boys continued riding rides until dinner and then went straight back to it. They greeted other bands’ members they ran across. They were exiting a ride when one of the steps collapsed as Rose was walking on it. Her left foot slid onto the next step at a very awkward angle and Namjoon was barely able to catch her waist to keep her from falling on the ground. Rose gripped the handrails of the steps tight enough to turn her knuckles white. She just stood there gripping the handrail, not moving. Namjoon and Rose had been the last to step off the ride so the other boys were in front of them. They turned when they heard the metal snap and saw Rose’s face twisted into an agonized expression.
“Noona, are you okay?” Jungkook asked. He was the closest one to them. He put his hand on her arm and felt it shaking. “Noona?!”
“What happened?” Nina yelled as she made her way back from the front of the group. She stopped in front of Rose. “Oh shit.” She crouched down in front of the leg Rose was keeping her weight off of. Nina gently touched Rose’s left knee; even through the jeans, she could feel it swelling. Rose let out a strangled cry of pain as she tried to keep the tears from coming out. The boys immediately started panicking and asking her if she was okay. “Guys, give her some space. Namjoon, help me please?” Nina directed Namjoon to carefully get under Rose’s left arm to help support her. Rose used the handrail on the right side to help support her as Namjoon slowly helped her down the steps, his right hand wrapped around her waist.
“Should we call an ambulance?” Yoongi asked, his voice laced with fear.
“No, no,” Nina reassured him, “she’ll be okay. She needs to go to the hospital, but I’ll drive her.” When they reached the bottom steps, Yoongi immediately ran to support her from the other side.
“How are you so calm?” Hoseok asked Nina.
It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last. I can’t explain much now, but do any of you have a change of shorts in the car? She needs to change quickly before it swells too much and causes her more pain. Plus, then they’ll have to cut them off.”
“Cut her legs off?!” Jungkook’s was completely freaked out. Even in her pain, Rose couldn’t help but let out just one shaky laugh. Nina laughed as well.
“No, silly. The jeans.”
Jimin has an extra pair that should fit her. Let’s see if we can get one of these carts to take her.” Namjoon suggested. He could feel how badly she was shaking. {She must be in so much pain, but she’s refusing to cry. She’s so tough. But...what did she have to go through to get that kind of strength?} They managed to flag down a passing cart. Fortunately, it was a large cart. Jin, Namjoon, and Yoongi jumped on the cart with them.
“I’ll meet you guys at the car after they get the shorts.” Jin told the other boys.
“No—you guys—should stay—have—fun.” Rose managed to say through gritted teeth. {Even in her pain, she’s worried about us having fun}, the boys thought.
“No way, noona! We’ll see you at the hospital.” Taehyung yelled as the cart drove away.
So, it was fun for a while before more drama. Sorry, but I can't help but tease. And I think Jin and Nina look too cute together. Oh, and I don't know what they sell at amusement parks in Korea so I just made it very American.
Thank you to everyone who is reading, liking, following, clipping, and/or commenting on my story. Please don't hesitate to ask questions or comment. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in future chapters. I hope you will continue to enjoy my story and I hope to see you next chapter!!!
Side note, I'm considering starting writing a new story. I have the basic idea in my head, but it will of course take time to write. I'm planning to have maybe a Hoseok (Too Much is giving me the Hoseok feels), Taehyung, OC triangle, but I'm willing to change it up a bit. PM me if you have any suggestions on it since I haven't started it. Or to let me know if that sounds like a bad idea. Don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings. Thanks <3
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