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I think it was pretty easy to find out who the actual sun is, but if you haven't yet (which I bet everyone has because only one member of seventeen is the actual suns equivalent.) it's LEE FRICKITY FRQCKING SEOKMIN THE ACTUAL SUNSHINE THAT I WAKE UP TO!!! (no he's not my bias, he's this thing called a bias w r E c k E r!!!! ) how is he so beautiful?????!? Please don't sleep on him he deserves so much love like shower him with love and never stop (OK, he may be number four on my list of biases..........don't judge me it's hard to choose just one member...) without further a due the appreciation card for my sunshine.
Here is more on this wonderful human.
This precious man's voice is so beautiful!!!!!!! Please appreciate him he deserves it so much and I just love him....
How can he always look so good??? Wth
I should go before I like idk drown you guys with my love for SEOKMIN LIKE SERIOUSLY HE'S AMAZING AND YOU GUYS SHOULD LOVE HIM!!!
Just gonna drop this.... Lucky carat squadeu: @IsoldaPazo @CosmicCassidy @Mikim000 @VatcheeAfandi99
omo next time warn your mod of DK lol....dead 💀