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☆proceed with caution♢


you and bobby had been best friend for so long but after summer break was over, things weren't the same and secret were keep. but what happen when you find out the secret that your best friend sleeping with your middle school bully!? who's also a boy! a story about Bobby and b.i but you involved. a love triangle in a very twisted way. 》Need to catch up《 °part 15 teaser ° Part 14 ☆new to the story ☆ ° part 1 ° preview OKAY HERE IT SO.... don't Hate me (TTATT) I had too xD
A red orange light that seeped through his eyelids flashed count-lessly, he take in one last breath of air and whispered so emotionally "i'm so sorry" and with one quick glance towards the bright blinding light tears begin to fall as he stared death. "Bobby! Move!" B.I trembling voice in devastation. B.I begin to run towards bobby but before he could each him a car that was driving above the speed limit reach Bobby before he could. B.I felt a sharp stinging feeling Pierce his heart as he witness the love of his life meeting death. _ the black car ram into Bobby causing his body to leap into the air as it smashed onto front window and shattering it. but the car didn't stop it continued driving causing Bobby body to roll over the hood of the car at a rapid speed until it reaches the end of the car and drop onto the cold solid ground. A crowds of people stop what they were doing and turn to the direction where they heard a loud crashing sound that was followed by a heavy screeching that rang into their ears and the smell of burnt rubber filled the air. B.I eyes widen as his knees weaken causing him to drop onto the group, covering his mouth as he couldn't believe it. the tears quickly ran down his cheeks as he reach his arm out towards bobby cold and weak body. people gasped as they gather around them while people who recognized Bobby scream in agony as other begin to cry. B.I used all his strength to stand back up and get to Bobby and when he finally reached him b.i cried out with so much pain "ANDWAE!!" the people that watched could feel the sorrow and devastation that shook within b.i voice. "who is it" a voice mumbled "are they okay?" "is someone hurt?" "What happen?" "isnt he bobby fro YG boy group Ikon?!" "Oh MY GOD!" "is he dead?" "how could this happen" "is he breathing" "Bobby oppa!" the sound of people voices suppressing each other while the crys got louder as some shouted and cried in disbelief. "Quickly someone call an ambulance" someone hollers as the crowed began to panic when they notice a black red liquid that seeped out of bobby; spreading around him and creating a puddle. "please wake up Bobby please" B.I crys into Bobby chest as he helds onto him tightly. "who is he?" "is he a idol?!" "who is he to bobby?!" people talked and glared at B.I while some only question who he was or if he was really close to bobby. one comment by someone almost worried B.I for a quick minute "could it be that Bobby and him have something going on?!" but he didn't let it bother him because he only had one thing to worry about and that was for bobby too open his eyes. People turn their head as The sound of sirens from afar begin to get loud as it got closer then finally the ambulance arrived. the paramedic started push their way through the crowds of people. even police officer demanded everyone to back up and move away. the paramedic rushed Bobby side and without hesitation they push B.I away and grab a hold of bobby weak and lifeless Body; lefting him up off of the ground and onto the garnet; B.I stood up and tried to get to bobby side. "you need to back up" one officer said, pushing B.I back. "No I n-need to-" B.I tried to explain with a shakey voice. but the officer shoved B.I back forcefully causing him to lose balance before B.I could even finish his sentence. B.I drop onto the ground his body felt weak as it tremble making it difficult for him to stand back up. suddenly all eyes where on him, everyone watched as B.I let out a desperately cry; hollering out bobby name and apologising repeatly as he wraps his arms around himself. he couldn't stand the thought of not having Bobby with him, the fear of losing bobby lingered in B.I heart. one of paramedic notice how devastated B.I was and rushed right over to him, the paramedic squat down beside B.I as he patted the boys back and shoulder. the way B.I shoulders slouched and how they quiver after each hick that escape B.I throat made paramedic a bit worry. "I need to be with him please" B.I plead to the paramedic. the paramedic look over at the truck and back at B.I, the expression b.I made was the look of a child that just lost its puppy and that made the paramedic feel sorry for b.i. the paramedic nod his head okay and helps B.I stand up and walk to the ambulance. "quickly checks his pulse!" one of paramedic orders B.I sat quietly by the corner, his hand covering his mouth as he tried to keep himself calm. "sir his oxygen level is dropping" "quickly put on oxygen mask now!" "his heart beat is slowing down!" " we might need to perform CPR Sir" they shouted back and fort B.I felt this sudden rush of air escape, he panic and begin to pound on his chest. he wasn't sure what to do as he could barely breathe. the paramedic that help him easily notice and just as he was about it help B.I they arrived at the hospital. They rush Bobby out of the ambulance and into the Emergency room while B.I running behind them but the moment they enter other these two big swing door, B.I stopped and stared at them with a lost hope expression. the doctor in charge of bobby case ran down the hall but lose down the moment she notice B.I standing in front of the door. "Don't worry, he'll return back to you okay" she smiled as she placed her hand onto B.I should B.I notice something about her smile, it was a smile filled with doubt and saddness. B.I nod his head as he look away from her and back at the door he want to run into that room and hope that it wasn't Bobby in there instead it was himself laying motionless on that table. "he'll be okay don't worry" the doctor assured B.I as she patted him on the shoulder then went into the Operating room. but B.I knew that she wasn't a 100% sure and begin to feel a heavy pressure against his chest as he let out a heavy cry; falling onto the ground. B.I sob turn into grunts as he tried to keep himself from yelling but That only made thing worse for him causing B.I head to throb and ache and his breathing to change its pattern as he begin to feel a lost of air again but this time it worsen as he gasped. trying to keep himself calm he tried to stand up but he was so light head he lost balance and fell to the side hitting his arm hard onto the ground. suddenly B.I vision got hazy and blurry, his hearing got hollow as the room begin to tilte from one side. the room lighting started to dim. "Young man are you okay!" A nurse called out to B.I who was trying to pull himself off the floor with the support of the seat in front of him. B.I grip onto his shirt as he kept trying to get air to breathe but it hurt his chest to much as he pound into it his cry still trying to escape. he didn't know what was happening and why his body begin to curled up on the ground and as to why his vision was hazy and he lost his hearing. "code red! we have and emergency!" the nurse said into the mic and in that moment B.I body began tk tremble. nurse started rushed over from different areas and grab things to help him as they lifted him up and on to a bed. "Young man stay with us" one nurse tried to keep b.i from passing out. "hurry he having issues breathing" B.I watched as a group of people dress in white surround him and rushed him down a hall. 'am I dying?' he thought to himself. "your going to be okay sweety don't worry" the doctor said to B.I. but B.I only watched as the Dr lips moved but no sound was heard. "I-I'm s-cared" B.I thought just as the room darken and the nurse figures became shadows that quickly vanish and the only sound heard was the sound of His own suffocation. ________ the feeling of the warm water surrounding your body as you laid in your bathroom while You stared at the bathroom ceiling. the feeling of avoid and emptiness filling your fragile heart again as you let out a heavy sigh. suddenly you hear the sound of heavy step approaching the bathroom door. the loud banging sound startled you causing you to let out a small yelp. "What?!" you shouted "Mobby mas mahsjsjskhd" someone voice muffled behind the wooden door. "What?! I can't hear you" you hollered louder but the voice was heard only a loud banging sound again but it sounds like if the person was in a rush or had something importation to announce. you got up out of the tube and wrap a towel around your self as you walk over to the door; you swing it open and you found donghyuk standing there in such a worried and desperate look in his face. "What wrong?" you asked him. but donghyuk struggle to explain as he only could stand frozen still in shoved. suddenly you hear your mother calling you. "(Y/N)?! (Y/N)?!" you pushed donghyuk out of the way as you rushed down to the living room. "Eomma what's wrong?!" but before your mother had the chance to explain you saw the TV showing the news and what you read as the headline killed you. you couldn't believe it how could something like this be happening. "o-o-eomma!~" your voice trembled as you cover your mouth. donghyuk run to you as he pulled you into a hug. you tried to push away but donghyuk didn't let go instead the stroked your wet hair. "No it can't be NO!" You cried but no matter how much you deny it it didn't stop the fact that it happen. "please tell me it's not true!" you cried out into DongHyuk chest. "mianhae (Y/N)... I'm sorry" DongHyuk said as a tear begin to fall down his eyes. "today a horrible car accident has cause the city of seoul to shade tears and close the main streets as a accident involving one of YG new rookies ikon member Bobby, who was hit by a car that was driving at a very fast speed cause the young idol to loose alot of blood. witness said he was rush to the hospital but he was in bad condition already. Bobby life is at stake from here on out." the new woman announce. the sound of fans crying in the background was heard as the camera showed many fans around YG company and other at the hospital where Bobby was at. you pushed donghyuk away as you ran to get dressed and grabbed your bags. "Where are you going?" DongHyuk asked you. "I'm goin-" "more information was give, apparently there was another boy who was with the young idol when the accident happen. people don't know who he" the news lady added as they showed a picture of b.i being helped Into the ambulance. "H-Hanbin..." you and donghyuk said in a unison. donghyuk grab his keys to his car as you follow him but before you both reach the door you notice your father standing there shocked. "Appa?" you called out "Hanbin... B.I... it can't be?" your father said under his breath. "Honey what's the matter?" your mother asked "appa?" "my son... it can't be my son!" your father shouted "What? you said Hanbin wasn't your child!" you shouted "I lied! he's my baby boy! I can't lose my son!" your father shouted as he rushed out the front door. you couldn't believe what you just heard... so it was true everything b.i said how your father was his dad how your mother was with him even though he was married... you turn to look at your mother with such a disappointment look you couldn't believe the woman you had so much respect for was the woman that cause B.I home to become destroyed. "Eomma... is appa telling the truth?" DongHyuk asked with a concern look. "yes donghyuk Hanbin is your half bother" your mother admit. "Half brother? but he has a different father from us eomma" you said angry your mother look at the ground she was disappointed in herself too as she let out a sigh filled with emotion. "Hanbin father is donghyuk real dad I was having and affair with him while still being with your father (Y/N). donghyuk isn't your father child..." "what..." DongHyuk was lost of word you both couldn't believe it. "No your lying No!" DongHyuk shouted. "I'm sorry but it true" "Eomma no!" he shouted again "why does it bug you so much DongHyuk?" she asked "Because I love him! because we..." DongHyuk look away as he suddenly felt like vomiting "I'm thought you guys didn't do anything?" you said as you followed him to the bathroom "we didn't but we did...Erph...urrul" DongHyuk puked "no... you did..." you cover your mouth as if finding out Hanbin is your step brother and donghyuk half brother wasn't shocking enough and donghyuk and hanbin dated wasnt disturbing but also finding out that donghyuk had oral sex with his brother is just wrong. you help donghyuk as you patted his back you could hear the sound of him trying to hold back his cry, it must have killed him alot because he loved Hanbin so much. "let's go..." DongHyuk said as he stood up and walked to the sink. "where?" you asked "to the hospital I need to find out the truth and see if their okay" DongHyuk said after spitting from brushing his teeth. "until I know the real answer and if really is my half brother I won't give up on him no matter what" DongHyuk stated. _________ Meanwhile Where am i... who are these people.... "his eyes are open... son can you hear me?" yes where am I... "he not responding" God, my chest hurts, what's happening? why is the lighting getting so low? "his heart rate dropping" I'm scared...I don't want to die... "doctor we're losing him!" Eomma... I'm scared.... please.... "he gone into cardiac arrest!" "we need to to perform CPR bring me the defibrillator now!" to be continue.......
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I can't even put into words how much I loved this remake. my heart dropped all over again my jaw left wide open. I absolutely LOVE how much detail you put into this chapter. You did an amazing job describing everything from the car wreck scene and all the whispers going on at the scene and even everything from the hospital. You did a very good job Vinny 💙💙💙💙👏👏👏👏
thank you 😶😶 It's my first fanfic that I have been able to write since recovering from my writer block
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