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Cats are cute. Pusheen is cute. But a cat acting out some of Pusheen's most popular Facebook stickers is a bomb of adorable straight to the feels.

With the help of his cat, Jackie, writer Julien Therrien was able to bring Pusheen to life in a photo series that's just plain catastic!

Pusheen playing with yarn

Pusheen giving a high five

Pusheen hard at work on his laptop

Pusheen the Unicat?

Pusheen enjoying some pizza delivery

Pusheen... not really knowing what to say

Pusheen workin' on his fitness

Pusheen scribbing down some notes

Pusheen getting some leisure reading in

Pusheen fitting and sitting in a box

Are you a Pusheen fan? Which one of these was your favorite?

Let me know in the comments below!
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I love Pusheen! Reminds me of my Tigger (RIP Sweet Boy). He used to watch tv, play on the computer, help me study for finals, and meow at me when I came home late. I miss him tons.......... Now I have Tinkerbutt who has just as much personality and sass as Tigger had when he was alive!
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Maybe Tigger was the original Pusheen.
a year ago
unicat on fleak!!! ❤❤❤
a year ago·Reply
I KNOW. Unicat should be a Halloween costume you can buy.
a year ago
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