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Was just listening to Agust D (Suga) full mixtape album. I def like it! Agust D I really like & the MV was so cool, and I really like Interlude ; Dream, Reality. Its a beautiful piano melody with some synth action and the word dream said throughout it. <3 so the last song on the album... so far away... has a bit of a different feel compared to the other songs & I really really really like it ^^ Before I looked up a translation of the lyrics, I really felt the emotions behind the song & idk I felt this connection or relatablness in a way. Of course I looked up the video above & fell in love with this song even more knowing the lyrics meaning now <333 Its too good!!
so far away and the last are my jams....i feel the last so hatd
so far away is my everything
my fave song is most definitely give it to me or tony montana
it's dunny how both the last, and so far away have a completly different feel from the rest of the songs. They are amazing...and the lyrics just make you cry.