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There's been a lot of cute Re:Zero fan art out there, especially since Rem became the favorite girl of so many people, but this one killed everything else in cuteness, so I thought I'd share it with you...

Presenting: Rem in Wonderland!!!!!!!


Emilia wants to go, too!

And naturally, I am also going to force you to look at Emilia (aka my best girl) in Wonderland, too, because I'm mean like that XD
I can't find the art source on this one sorry :( :(
I love how Rem is taking the anime community by storm. She deserves it tbh!
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Exactly!!!! lol
now, now, there's no need to force Emilia on anyone. If she is meant to be the best girl than she will.lol. But that is one of the best Rem pictures I've seen yet.
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well then, we will have to wait and see how this plays out. hopefully Rem is the one.
Rem...she definately deserves it, BUT, isn't Emilia deserving of it too? after all, she gets hurt in some type of way each and every time without even knowing it. Its like...woa. okay this may be from experience, but maybe one of the reasons why subaru is so infatuated with Emilia is first and obviously, because she was the first, and second, because she is so sweet, then finally (what just clicked in my mind) the more subaru restarts to protect the more his feelings ripen for the one he protects. So putting that as a base, its obvious as to why he wouldn't go for remlike he does Emilia...crud...Im so sorry Rem! :(
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But what we have to think about it for a moment 1. what is emilia hiding, why haven't we heard her backstory 2. does she actually like Subaru?
Rem is number 1!
Rem always best girl :3