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A Modern Day Cinderella

What happens when YOUR clock strikes midnight?

Do you stay up all night marathoning Korean dramas with your pants off? Maybe you make the shift from hard-at-work intern to manga-cramming animal? What's the biggest difference between the you people see vs. the you at home?
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I'm wide awake at midnite. I'm alert, intelligent, motivated, energetic and a smitch more social. I wish I could run errands and midnite but almost everything is closed.
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Yeah. I can just sit and daydream or whatever, and 3 hours later, it's still nighttime. I can finally de-stress.
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I am anywhere from fangirling over Kpop or fangirling over a manga/anime/k-drama
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Bahaha, you just like what you like. I'm into it.
a year ago
I don't have a time limit since I spend all day everyday in my room watch Anime, Manga, Korean Dramas, playing games so I'm in full on weirdo mode 24 hours a day, 365 day a year. ✌
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You sound like you've got a one-person party going on though!
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Your combination of 'Korean' and 'pants off' turned me on....😄
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I close all the curtains and enjoy the darkness and the background noise of the tv with my dog...low key think I'm part Vampire
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