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My name name is Mercedes and I'm officially 18 as of today August 16. I have been a vingler since 2015 and a kpop fan girl since 2013.
Some must know already, but jaebum is my ultimate bias. I discovered him from a drama (not recent) called Dream High 2 and from there he made his debut to join Got7. Got7 is the first group I started learning because I heard "Girls Girls Girls ".
Jaebum brought me into the kpop community. I was in denial for a long time pondering why I like kpop and why the music is so welcoming. I was warned and did not take the warning seriously so here I am head over heels for kpop in general. I prefer boy groups and rappers ; I still love girl groups now ( I'm not that biased ), plus I'm into a multi-fandom stand point.
Things I have learned about the kpop community 1. Once you enter, you don't leave 2. There will always be just one oppa or more to make you stay in the kpop community 3. It only starts with a song to make the desire to hear more and learn more group 4. Don't stan your bias so much that you're negativity shows through actions or speech 5. Don't be stubborn and shun others opinions because everyone is entitled to how they feel or think 6. You're always learning, listening, singing or in some cases dancing 7. Try to learn the language so you don't need subtitles 8. Share any news because there is someone in the specific Fandom who finds interest in the new (even if it's getting to know someone, memes, or fan fiction) 9. Have fun. Laugh, learn and be positive 10. Idols are just like us, so let then have a life some and respect their choices or preferences 11. Vinglers support each other as well as the bias group or bias in general through thick and thin 12. Always expect the unexpected like new groups or solos debuting, comebacks, teasers, bromance, fan services,idols making human error, dating and FANGIRLLING (don't be blind to know you're fangirlling like me and find yourself into kpop with an obsession) I hope these facts help any new vinglers starting in the kpop community and you learned a little about me. If you have any comments or concerns let me know and I'll help to clarify better on the information.
happy birthday to you
Happy birthday
Thanks guys. I really appreciate it. @SimplyAwkward @kpopandkimchi @lolImbetter09